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queenofmean | 10:42 Tue 14th Feb 2017 | Body & Soul
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Two GPs suspect a Hernia on my right hand side. Awaiting an ultrasound at present but he waiting list is quite huge.

But I was wondering if this is what's maybe causing my period to be a no show?

It usually gets bad when I'm due but while it's been putting away as normal and being a general pain in my side and surrounding areas - still no period. I have been cleared for any nasties, so far all pregnancy tests are negative (not that I'd imagine it possible at present) UTI's neg. I'm not stressed or worried about anything for once i have my old life back.

Just wondered what your thoughts may be or if you had any other ideas?

Thanks Queenie :)


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"Suspect a hernia?" You either have one or you haven't and i cannot see that an Ultrasound is going to help them out.
One diagnosis a hernia (in that region) by palpating it (feeling it).
If one can't feel a swelling then the likelihood is that you haven't got a hernia.
I cannot see how a hernia could cause an absence of your period (amenorrhea).
However, the Ultrasound might show an abnormality in your uterus (fibroids) or other problems in your pelvis.
The whole story does sound "gynaecological" unless i am missing something about the hernia...........which is doubtful ;-)
gawd Queenie that's all you need ! xx
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There is a slight puff on one side I will admit. I have been poked and prodded, told to cough etc.
I was told I had Fibroids when I began my periods but they haven't said anything since.
I do attend Colposcopy Clinic twice a year - don't know if that would be anything. I do also find it difficult to go sometimes and I have changed my diet to include more fibre and touch wood it has helped - I don't know if the two are maybe linked.

I should add I came off the pill last April and my cycle has gone from 28 days to well 44-51 and at present I'm sat on 63. I have felt PMS-y in the run up to when I was due but nothing materialised.

I appreciate your thoughts Sqad for which I thank you. I didn't fancy an op to fix it if it was a hernia.

It's all I don't want Minty got or should say had enough to deal with I want to move on with things and have a day that's normal, footloose and pain free
I know you're not that old, QoM, but you could ask your GP to check your reproductive endocrinology.

Parsley Oil and Agnus Castus can help you achieve a normal cycle but the latter has been associated with a higher risk of pregnancy.

I was on Agnus Castus to balance my hormones when I fell pregnant (the first time we tried) but my pregnancy was ectopic and I'm not sure the two were unconnected.
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I've just noticed your reply NoM.

I think things are starting to move along but if not I will mention it to them.

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