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Coming Off Citalopram

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237SJ | 22:23 Sat 14th Jan 2017 | Body & Soul
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Has anyone here got any experience of this? I was on 20mg due to reactive depression (not clinical depression) I quite often forgot to take the tablets. I have been taking 10 mg for the last week or so but I still forget to take them which I personally take as a good sign because if I felt terrible, I would remember that I need them. I haven`t taken one since Thursday (forgotten again). A friend of mine told me that it takes 2 weeks for the drug to leave your system. So how do you wean yourself off them without asking the GP ( who probably wouldn`t know because he doesn`t know me)


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Well in light of what you say you're almost there - if you don't feel any different you could just leave it or conversely take half a pill every few days for a while then start to widen the gap.

Only you will know if you experience any problems.
I must say that I haven't actually stopped mine just reduced to a low dose that works for me and GP is happy with that.
I've only just started this.

2016 was the most shocking year of my life. It started with an unexpected breast cancer scare, which saw my mother walk out of my life because she couldn't cope with the idea of me having cancer. This was followed by an ectopic pregnancy which caused a big internal bleed and nearly cost me my life. To add insult to injury my beautiful dog died unexpectedly a week before Christmas.

In between all this I've battled insomnia, depression, self-loathing, anger, hatred, foggy brain, ibs, memories of domestic violence throughout my childhood and debilitating breast pain. Everyday I feel like I'm facing an uphill battle.

I started Citalopram for the second time on Christmas Day after waking up and seeing my amazing OH with 3 vertical scratch marks down his right cheek (and I don't even remember inflicting them)
The folloing is only the result of some googling. That can be dangerous with medical matters but, in this case, all web sources seem to agree with each other. (I've cited some of those sources below). Decide for yourself whether it all makes sense to you!

Citalopram has a half-life of about a day and a half. i.e. a day and a half after you stop taking it there will be only half a dose left in your system. A day and a half later that amount will again have been halved (so there's only a quarter of the original dose left) . . . and so on. So it will only take a fairly short time for the amount left in your system to get down to a negligible amount.

Because the drug clears from your body fairly quickly, some people suffer withdrawal symptoms:

In such cases it might be better to switch to an alternative drug first, with a longer half-life, with Prozac (fluoxetine) being the most likely choice:
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I`m sorry to hear that NoM. Hopefully Citalopram will help you. I was told that it can take anything up to 8 weeks to get into my system but it was much quicker than that. The GP told me that it is one of the most widely prescribed drugs. That made me wonder what is so wrong with modern day society but I guess that is another question
It's an interesting question, 237, and one I have no answer for. Which is most unusual for me :(
It is a tough question and many people have their own strong views but I feel that to accept and use something that helps a little is wise and best not to query it.

237, I hope you taper off without any problems.

NoM, may there be a new and brighter future beyond the dark place you've been.
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With all due respect, it takes more than a nice dinner to get you from a dark place.

Have you ever had depression diagnosed RR?
Whoops wrong thread.
mamylynne you misunderstand me. Nom posted her life could not be better at the moment, nothing to do with dinners. As one who has battled to get the correct medication and thankfully after 18 months think its working, I was hoping the Citalopram was working for her. That's all.
I certainly did misunderstand, thank you for explaining.
I was prescribed this drug three years ago. It made me even more depressed than before so after a week I stopped taking it and immediately felt better.
Next door neighbour was on it some years back after she worried about her brother's marriage breakup. She said it did her good however when brother met a new partner she came off it and said she still felt good.

I used to be on anti-depressants but took myself off it as I didn't feel any better. Am still off them - I do think it depends upon a person's outlook on life - I sometimes don't think pills do the job but that's my own personal opinion.
It took a couple of weeks for the drug to get into my system (20mg).I was eventually weaned off it having been reduced to 10mg.I had terrible weird dizzy spells when I came off it altogether which is quite normal.
Antidepressants can be invaluable to some people, antidepressants mixed with alcohol is not advised.
Drinking in moderation with Citalopram, which we are discussing is fine for the vast majority.

There are I'm sure meds where it would not be advisable.
Simple rule of thumb is that if you are on a high dose of a drug then it is unwise to stop it immediately but if your are on the lowest dose of a drug then discontinuing it abruptly is perfectly safe and that includes steroids.
Mamy's posts seem to say it all.
Question Author
Thanks for the further replies and thanks Buenchico for the links. I know you`re not supposed to suddenly stop taking the drug which is way I was wondering how to wean myself off. I think it must be coming out of my system because I`m getting hungry again (it seemed to kill my appetite) and I`m a bit irritable but hopefully that won`t last.

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Coming Off Citalopram

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