Sad For Somebody Else

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jennyjoan | 00:59 Sun 15th Jan 2017 | Body & Soul
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Called over to see Sista today and about once a month an autistic fella calls with her.

He was the guy that I got the stupid presents for at Xmas and to hear him today express his sadness at Xmas was quite overwhelming. He is 41 years old but his mother and father are dead and he has no siblings or any other family.

He verges on the "genius is akin to madness" - he talks of werewolfs living today and that there is a city built underneath us all - really weird talk also he is getting his house ready for Armageddon. He said he has about 1,000 candles in his bedroom ready for the "darkness" and he is starting to stock up with canned food - he has a bow and arrow to shoot wild animals when the time has come OMG - yet he said when he returned to college after Xmas he found it hard to cope with the other pupils saying what a wonderful Xmas they had. Sista is very good to him and today he was saying that a young fella who died last week used to call him "half a head" and he was so afraid of him.

Thank God for my family. Just feeling for him.


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Hard to imagine sometimes how others cope, especially without a good solid family round them.

Your Sister is doing well to be a friend, as for College people can be cruel - hopefully he won't brood on it too long.
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Mamy - I won't be around but I do wonder what the future holds for him.

He is a big tall, really blonde, good looking guy.
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College guys wouldn't be hurting him as he keeps himself aloof ie lunch on his own etc. Sorry Mamy I meant the guy who died last week was the one who hurt him.
WOW, strange bloke that, jj. he is doing well to have your sista as a friend.
Oh I see, sorry read that wrong.

Yes obviously it's a worry, one can only hope there will always be someone near by for him.
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Yes Tony he is - as last year he was visiting her later and later of a Saturday - you know near to her tea-time. She rang him to tell him to come a bit earlier and he said oh thank you - I thought you were ringing me up to tell me not to come back - but she would never do that.
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I think she uses him LOl as a sweetie bin - as she was giving him tea and about 10 biscuits. I cracked up when I saw them. Ah she said give over. He left 10 wrappers LOL
Mmmmmmm lol.

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Sad For Somebody Else

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