Broken Ribs

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Booldawg | 05:33 Mon 18th Jul 2016 | Body & Soul
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I got 'car doored' off my bike on Friday and clattered down the road a bit.

Got a few cuts and bruises and think I cracked a rib. The rib wasnt too painful
for the first few days, could feel it 'there' and only really hurt getting up and
down off the chair, lying in bed etc.

Think I've laid on it funny and upgraded my fracture to a break as it is infinitely
more pain and I'm taking shorter breaths as its hurts to breath fully.

The advise generally is dont bother pitching up at hospital as there's no treatment.
Would be nice to confirm my diagnosis and know how many ribs are affected.

Is it worth getting checked out?


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Yes, you have every right to seek medical help. You may need some strong prescription-only analgesia.
Yes, definitely worth getting it checked.
Yes indeed. It may need strapping up.
Yes, Booldawg. Do get it checked out.
When I broke a couple of ribs, I had to have an X Ray. I was told that a broken rib could puncture a lung.
yes do get it checked as has been said the potential for pierced lungs..
ps fracture is the same as break.
Yes, get some strong painkillers
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Will get it checked out then!

I'm taking very shallow breathes and got really out of breath just walk up the road to post a letter. Think this is more due to it being painful to fully expand my lungs.
Broken ribs are not strapped .
Get it checked. It might be more than a rib.
A fracture is the medical term for a break, ie both the same. However there are different types of fracture but nontheless the term 'break' means the same.
It is worth having it checked out as it can cause complications as mentioned previously.
Probably internal bruising/swelling and that is why you are shallow breathing. I had the same thing a couple of days after a car accident and was advised to take ibuprofen as it helps with the pain and the swelling.
I fell and broke a rib last August. The pain is not terribly amusing. After a few days I succumbed and went to A & E and was glad I went. When it is diagnosed you know where you are and they are ready for you if you call in having blood in your mouth (perforated lung - which can happen).

They don't strap broken ribs these days. They do prescribe heavy painkillers - I gave up with them after 3 days as they were making me even more doolally than usual and giving me awful constipation. However, I had them so could take the odd one if things got bad.

You have my every sympathy, but please do go and get it checked out. If you develop a cough it can turn nasty (I did get one) because you can't breathe deeply enough and then pneumonia is a risk.

The other possible complication is trapped air if a lung has been just scraped - I was alarmed (a week or so later) to lie in bed and watch air-bubbles popping up under my skin and rippling along to my breast-bone. The scary bit is that the air could get into the blood system.

In other words - please go and get it checked out!
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Thanks all!

I did go an get it checked out. The nurse had a feel around and used the stephoscope but was happy nothing is broken.

Am taking painkillers but will stop due to the reasons Jourdain experienced. Pain does seem a lot easier to deal with today so hopefully on the mend!
Get it checked out, my last chest scan revealed I had five (healed) broken ribs which surprised me as I can only account for four of them.
Bool....... If you take a regular laxative daily alongside your painkillers you should avoid constipation..... Senna or something!?

Take care x
Totally agree with you there Tinks, I take both together - last thing you need is the extra pain of straining.
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all bran seemed to do the trick! pain is pretty minimal now, unless I put pressure on it, sleeping on the wrong side etc.

Thanks all for your advice.
i hope you are feeling better. I also hope thatthe car doorer had long and deep scratches!

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Broken Ribs

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