Broken Ribs

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bednobs | 15:23 Wed 21st Jul 2021 | Body & Soul
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i have 4 broken ribs. "they" said they would take six weeks to heal, but i wondered if i might expect to feel at least a bit better sooner than that? At the moment i can barely do anything


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When did you break them Bednobs?
My husband broke four and fractured his elbow. The elbow healed before the ribs did. I’m sorry to say I think even six weeks might not be the end of it.
Pain killers, pain killers and even more painkillers.
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yep, i have worked out a strict regimen!
I did it last friday
From my experience of broken ribs(5times) six weeks is about right if you are young and reasonably fit.
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no in both cases there danny!
Sorry to hear that bednobs, in that case I would be looking at a couple of weeks more.Maybe Sqad will be along with his expert opinion.
Sorry to hear that bednobs...nothing to offer unfortunately.
Didn't Smowball get diagnosed with a broken rib a few weeks ago?
You have rheumatoid arthritis bednobs and this will or may delay fracture healing.

Was your injury traumatic or spontaneous?

Pain may persist for months..
I’m sorry to hear your news bednobs. Nothing to add, except take care .
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blunt chest trauma
Right thanks bednobs.
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these are all very depressing answers btw :)
I had a couple of broken ribs. For the first couple of weeks, the pain was enough that it was hard even to breathe, weeks 3/4, still on painkillers, but improving, reduced and stopped. Still mild discomfort weeks 5/6. I hope you get on ok . Take care xx
You have my sympathy, very very sore and healing time varies, as said.
I believe I have broken/fractured ribs although I haven't been x-rayed. I've broken enough bones over the years to have an educated guess.

It's been a month now and only a slight improvement. I couldn't even laugh at the beginning let alone cough.
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i felt a sneeze coming on last night and panicked!
im going on a plne at the beginning of august and i'm crapping myself at the thought of having to stand up from the seat
Might be a little bit more bearable by then. Fingers crossed.
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Thanks for all your answers :)
I would be observing a strict regime of lying in the sun (or rain) while they heal and leaving the housework to others, though this would perhaps not go down any better in your house than it does in mine.
Pasta yes, just one thank god. Am still in pain but definitely not as bad.

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Broken Ribs

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