2 broken ribs.... :-(

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wiggal | 00:20 Sat 10th Mar 2012 | Body & Soul
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Hey all!

I am suffering, although no where near as much as I have been!

Started off with a cold given to me by my darling stepson the week before christmas, just after christmas & new year I had a chest & throat infection but stupidly carried on working through it even though I was told numerous times to go home! (I cant help loving my job!)

End of January went to A & E as the pain in the right hand side of my ribs was ridiculous and could feel my ribs moving and popping as i moved, and got given 30mg co codomal to take 8 a day + 3 lots of nurofen as they thought it was pleurisy and possinbly a cracked rib..

Went back after another 3 weeks of stupid amounts of pain to have a second lot of xrays.. waited another 2 weeks on silly pain killers to be told I actually broke 2 ribs!

How long till I am pain free!?


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I can only apoligise for my horrendous typing in that message but my battery was running flat and wanted to post before I found the charger in case I lost it!
How did you break 2 ribs then Wiggal? Surely you must have known about it.

My H broke 2 ribs last year or should i say a Baseball ball did & he was in pain for over 6 weeks.
Get Well Soon.

Did you break your ribs by coughing? I'm suffering like that at the mo, my cough has been so awful, I wonder if it's actually doing me harm, straining my heart for example...
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Mine was down to coughing. The Dr said to me that surely I must of had some kind of accident but if I did I dont remember it!

Thats why I dont think they took me seriously at first, but after 2 months I got to see a Dr who had broken his ribs last year and understood and sent me back for more x rays with circles drawn on my ribs (I have a lump on my ribcage where the pain is). I spoke to him last week when he had my results back and he told me I hadnt fractured 1 rib, but had broken 2 :-(

It explains the moving around and pain and weird feelings I had when I first went, and I am okish now, as long as I dont stretch, sneeze, cough or move in any weird way!
This story doesn't add up.

\\\\he told me I hadnt fractured 1 rib, but had broken 2 :-( \\\

Not the sort of thing a doctor would say as "broken" and \\fractured\\ are the same thing (synonymous).

Why keep going back to A&E? need to see your GP so that your case can be evaluated with a reasonable diagnosis in view.

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2 broken ribs.... :-(

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