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henry1938 | 20:51 Wed 09th Mar 2016 | Body & Soul
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i got a pal who came from italy 3 years ago
he is deaf and dumb
he is fit and agile
he says he is not entitled to benifits
is he telling me a porkie


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Probably not. There isn't enough information there about his work, income, savings etc.
If he is under pension age the fact that he is deaf and dumb doesn't mean that he can't work. My Tesco delivery driver is deaf and dumb and quite able to do the job.

If he is over pension age he will probably get a pension from Italy.

As Pixie says there is not enough information to give you an answer.

As there are jobs that deaf mutes can do (such as data entry typing or factory production work) he's not automatically classed as 'disabled' (which, as far as the benefits system is concerned, is more or less synonymous with 'fit for work').

So, other than the normal benefits that any EU citizen living here is entitled to (such as Job Seeker's Allowance if he's unemployed, or Housing Benefit and/or a Council Tax reduction if he's on a low income), there are no specific benefits which he can claim.
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thanks for info
he does not haveany savings
no income
relying on his sister who works

///he says he is not entitled to benifits///
Hopefully he is correct.
Then, as long as he's registered as unemployed, and actively seeking work, he should be getting JSA. Further, he should be getting a reduction in his Council Tax and, if he's renting his accommodation, Local Housing Allowance.
"Deaf and Dumb" is not a correct term these days, I'm not on the PC brigade but take a look at link this may help your 'pal' if he qualifies:
how did he say he wasn't entitled if he's dumb?
pen and paper?
Get him to fill this in, it will tell him what if anything he is entitled to
Maybe he does sign language.
Just ocurred to me. Is sign language different in every country? i.e Italian sign language is diferent to English sign language ?
There are different sign languages (around 130!) but they don’t totally coincide with the borders of spoken languages. They are not mutually exclusive and if you know one then you can pick your way through others, although maybe not all of them. The most common one is ASL, American Sign language, because it is used by the largest number of people, the USA and Canada.

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