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Patsy33 | 09:47 Wed 09th Mar 2016 | Body & Soul
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I found out from a cousin yesterday that an Uncle of ours is on permenent oxygen. Apparently, he told her it's the effects of 50yrs of painting and decorating. Obviously paint fumes got into his lungs. He and his wife are lovely people but very private. Just wondering exactly what it is and how serious? Can anyone help with this .Tia.


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Not a very helpful post, but I will make a few comments based upon guesswork.

Clearly your uncle has fairly advanced lung damage to be on continuous oxygen and i cannot convince myself that paint is the main contributory factor. Other more common conditions may well be chronic asthma, bronchitis or even malignant disease. There are many other conditions that may cause this....smoking of course is a main contender.

This is a serious situation the severity of seriousness depending upon the cause and how long the heart can last out pumping blood to his lungs.

The above comments are very general in nature as i explained and based, quite a lot on guesswork.
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Thank you Sqad. I know it's a bit sketchy but just relaying what I had been told. My Uncle has never smoked, has always been quite fit. I've never known him to have any chest or lung problems. Seen him about a year ago and he was his fine usual self. This has seemed to come out of the blue. I feel very sad about it as he is a good, kind, loving family man. Might find out more later but like I said, they are very private so might not tell me everything. Thanks again.
if he’s been a painter and decorator, can i suggest that dust from sanding prep is a more likely cause than paint fumes?
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I did wonder that Woofgang. That makes more sense. I hope he doesn't suffer too much. Such a shame.
My thoughts were....if he has been inhaling paint fumes over a period of 50 years (and if they were the sole cause of his current condition), then symptoms would have occurred gradually over a long period and not suddenly now "out of the blue".
gingejbee......a good point, it certainly was a sudden onset.
Not sure if lead can cause this but it was used in many paints years ago. Also if he was a decorator then the chances are that he came in contact with Artex, he may even have had to remove it on occasions. Up until around 30 years ago this contained Asbestos so this could be a cause.
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Appreciate your input theshedman.It has crossed my mind, although hoping it's not the case. I'm a realist tho so wouldn't be surprised. How many more out there? Scary for a lot of people with same trade that's put in a lot of years.
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Found out Uncle is on 20 hrs of oxygen because of asbestos... He's in good spirits and has a stair lift. He obviously came into contact with it years ago in his painting and decorating jobs.
Patsy....right. Thanks for the feedback.

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Paint Fumes

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