My Right Elbow

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jennyjoan | 18:15 Thu 15th Oct 2015 | Body & Soul
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God bless us just the right elbow is so painful - even to lift a pot, kettle or water anything. Would this be the start of arthritis if it is I would be at the end of my tether. It is very painful. I have used rubs, taken painkillers nothing works.


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Could it be Bursitis? I have problems with my left elbow - it flares up and goes red and hot. It hurts quite a lot.
this sounds like something to ask a doctor about.
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I am for an ultrasound of the LEFT shoulder when I get around to it as i have already got a letter from the doctor - I can go any time - when I am there I am going to ask if they would look at the elbow. Just will not go away.
Have you banged your elbow, as that could be the ulnar nerve it a nerve pain (like cold steel) or a muscular one...?
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jno if I was to go to the doctor with every fart i would have - I'd never be away from him as it is - I try to avoid him like the plague. I know they would just give me a rub. which I can buy over the counter probably. I feel it needs a cortisone injection but sure that doesn't last either.
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I don't know DTC - I guess when you say what you say it does feel like I have given a massive bang - but it has gone on so long.
Could be tennis elbow?
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don't play tennis LOL - anyway regards to reality - does tennis elbow go away ever.
sit your elbow on a bag of frozen peas, twenty minutes a time, conne, also try and ift objects with your palm facing up, not down, as this will put less strain on your damaged muscles in there - and rest is recommended.
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thanks Barsel - I read that before your link - now I am thinking is it because I am using my right arm etc on this computer too much.

Think I will give myself a break from computer but it will be hard.
can you type left-handed, or try and initiate a voice to type programme, conne.
jj, if it's bad enough to ask strangers on AB about, it's bad enough to ask your doc.

I wouldn't bet that ultrasound people will just look at anything you mention to them, unless the letter is very vague..
Arthritis? extremely unlikely.
Ulnar nerve?....possible......but unlikely.

Repetitive strain damage to ligaments?......very LIKELY.

It will settle.

Why this name resurrection sqad?
I had tennis elbow many years ago, it was very painful, the cortisone jabs really helped a lot after the first couple of days when the jab makes the joint very stiff.
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boo what are you talking about re Sqad - are you are on a different site.

Hey guys - put a load of icecubes into a tea towel last night and a tight bandage over that again. must say my arm feels far far better. Only I have a lot on today I will do that tonight. God bless all the hands that reared you. Cos it was so painful. Deffo will do this for a few nights - first relief from pain for ages. See Jno you don't need to go the doctors all the time. I know my love you are only helping. So thanks all again.
Mohne is Sqad...
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do you mean Sqad is Mr Mohne - is correct name
Probably hinting at how much mohne he made working in the health industry ;-)

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