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Purple_Popple | 20:33 Sat 06th Dec 2014 | Body & Soul
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I have been suffering with watery eyes for the last year now. My right eye is worse than the left for watering.
My eyes water only when I go outdoors, it stops immediately once I am back inside. My right nostril is mostly always blocked too.
I have already seen an ophthalmic doctor and I had a stent put into my lower puncta in the right eye only - this was about 5 months ago now and it hasn't made any difference. The tearing is so bad it blurs my vision and I end up wearing shades (when it's not even sunny!) which alleviate the tearing a little when I am outside, however the tears still overflow and drop onto my shades.
Unsure what to try getting very tired of it now. I can't go anywhere without it looking like I have been crying my head off.


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Purple_Popple. Do you smoke? I am asking because I have the same problem and I am sure it's smoking related, in that my sinuses always seem blocked.
I would return to your Ophthalmologist as i presume that you have had a DCR (dacrocystorhinostomy) which clearly isn't working.
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No Tilly, never have smoked.
Sqad not had a DCR either, it was a tint plastic stent popped into my lower tear duct.
So looks like I will have to go back to GP to refer me again.
Sorry, PP. Just shows how much I know. :-)
The stent is a type of DCR, but often used as a prelude to a conventional DCR.
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I see Sqad, didn't realise that, thank you for explaining.
Thank you both for your help.
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Pardon the pun.
I was no help at all! :-)

I hope you get it sorted, PP. Let me know if you do.
I had watery eyes and suffered especially in the cold weather as you are. Spent last winter wearing shades and know how you feel. Should havebought shers in Kleenex! The first stage treatment is to have the stents; I had them in both eyes and once removed they watered less for a while. But soon the problem was bad again and my consultant recommended the DCR. I had it in March and have experienced 100% success so far. Its a committment and involves more temporary stents for a couple of months longer, but when they were removed in May it was all clear.

Not only has the watering stopped and I can wear make up again, but my sense of smell and taste is better too. Last week I had my final check up and I was expecting a five minute appointent. Instead I was there for 3 hours having the channels cleared and cleaned once more. Now I'm a free person at last!

Believe me, the process is a bit drawn out but in my opinion well worth it. Any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
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Thank you Maydup, I remember reading your post earlier this year. I guess that is my next route - the op.
I'm with you on the waterproof makeup... I look like I've been socked in the eyes by the time I've reached where I'm going to.
I had watery eyes for weeks and weeks last year and my doctor said it was due to 'dry eye' Bonkers, I know, but apparently the eyes over-compensate by watering. He gave me some eye drops which were artificial tears and they did the trick. Not saying it is the same as your problem but maybe worth trying.

I have Schögrens which involves Dry Eyes, like you but also dry(ish) mouth and chronic fatigue.

The watery eyes happens to me outdoors, in the cold or a gale and it's usually down to 'eye bogeys' blocking the tear ducts.
Amusingly, to spectators, it looks like I'm a birdwatcher, deeply moved by some far-off spectacle (in the binocs). :-/
Generally the fatigue only lets me have two or three good (outdoor) days a month and I need one of those to go out and get food.

Hope you and Purple_Popple don't develop any additional symptoms as you have to trek to London for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

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