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Maydup | 08:00 Tue 25th Mar 2014 | Body & Soul
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I'm off for one of these today! Its a minor op to divert the tear drainage via my nose. despite various treatments, the tear ducts are not functioning voluntarily so i'm going for the one with the very long name!

I finally made up my mind and though you might like to know if you're looking in York310. No doubt I'll be around AB over the next few days while I take a few days of work post GA and will let you know how it goes.


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All the best Maydup hope all goes well for you . Let us know on Onwards how you get on .
Best wishes, Maydup. I wish you well.
that is a long name. hope all goes well. x see you soon.
Wishing you a speedy recovery Maydup xx
Best wishes for that xx
Have you been having trouble with really watery eyes, Maydup?
Hope all goes well xx
Question Author
Thanks all. I'm on the afternoon slot so i was up early for breakfast before 7am and now i just wait!

Yes Tilly, I've had watery eyes for a few years now and tried drops, tried having the tear ducts cleared and even had stents put in. None were 100% successful and since I'm in the system now and this was the next step, i decided to do it.

It will be nice to go for a walk without looking as if i'm filling up about it!

Well, maydup. I hope that this procedure works for you. You will be able to wear mascara without ending up looking like a panda.
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Indeed Tilly, or having to wear the cloggy waterproof stuff all the time.
Best of luck.
Bit confused tbough. If you divert it via your nose does that mean you'll have a watery nose in future ?
Oh, blow me! I bet Maydup never thought of that!
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Well apparently our tear ducts drain in to our nose naturally but we don't notice it much. We sometimes blow our noses to relieve it and only when we come in from the cold do we really notice it OG. As mine don't work, they constantly overflow down my cheek instead, and positively pour down in the rain!
Maydup, can you tell me about the stents? Do they put something in your tear ducts? I'm interested because I have extremely watery eyes especially when it's windy or very cold.
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The stents are worth trying Tilly. They certainly improved things for me and for some people they are all that's needed. Imagine a barely visible, clear plastic very soft bendy rod thinner than a pin and about half the length. Now go to the mirror and look into the very inner corner of your eye and you'll see a tiny hole.

The area is numbed and the stent popped in to the hole. Its easier than having a filling at the dentist. The stent is left there for a few weeks to open up the ducts, a bit like reopening your pierced ears! Then if they haven't fallen out naturally, you go back for removal. Definitely improved things for me but one duct is not playing ball and keeps reclosing.
Ah I see.
Yes wind does it for mine too, especially as I age. Embarrassing since I have to discretely rub my eyes regularly in fear that someone will start asking what's wrong !
Thanks for that, Maydup. Once again, best wishes to you for today.
As the British Eye-Watering Champion of 2011, I'll be interested to hear the outcome. Keep us informed!
Hi, hope you don't mind me butting in but I have just had my appointment for pre op to have this done. I was told that it involved making a slit at the side of the nose, taking a bit of bone out then putting in a stent to make a new duct. Is that what you are having done or is it something different. In the past they have tried to clear them, and had them made a bit bigger under local but this time it will be under general. Tried looking on-line but it seems to give both ops under the same name. Thanks for any info you can give and I hope all goes well for you later and that it works.
theshedman....DCR and stenting of the lachrymal duct are different procedures .

DCR is most commonly done by opening the lachrymal sac, then removing a piece of nasal bone, exposing the lining of the nose, dividing it and then joining the lachrymal sac to the lining of the nose........making a big hole.

Stenting is just a method of widening the duct.

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