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Elina | 20:05 Sat 06th Dec 2014 | Body & Soul
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Can you tell me pese how Hydroxyzine tablets prescribed for anxiety & also described as an antihistamine differ from say Claritin & other brands you can buy over the counter? Do all antihistamines work for anxiety as well as treating allergies? Thanks!


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I am not a pharmacologist, so my explanation will be simple....for your benefit and for mine.

Claritin and the other over the counter anti-histamines work by suppressing the formation and effects of histamine which produced the allergic effects that we encounter...e.g runny nose, sneezing, hives etc etc
Any sedative or anti- anxiety effects are secondary.

Hydroxyzine acts in exactly the OPPOSITE 's action is on the brain and main nerves to counteract anxiety. Any anti-histaminic effects are purely secondary.

Both of the above types can be used for their primary uses or their secondary effects.

I hope my explanation is clear.....;-)

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Crystal sqad, thank you!

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