Cheese Burn

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Prudie | 23:07 Sat 06th Dec 2014 | Body & Soul
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It's not really funny but my OH, who has rather sensitive skin, has a round burn on his chin because the cheese in a stuffed crust pizza burst out and was too hot. It's formed a blister and is red raw and scabbing. So should it be left, dabbed with hydrocortisone cream, bio-oil or what? he wants a speedy solution.


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Hi Prudie, my miracle cure would be Sudacrem, really doesp the healing process & soothes the stinging too.
'really does speed up'
Oh! dear oh! dear...your "OH" will need his chin in good condition for the next 2 weeks in particular, as one never knows in which part of your anatomy it will be required.........

I really don't think it matters what you do or don't put on it has a blister, I would leave well alone and not put anything on it.

It was a good job that he wasn't eating the pizza..naked.
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LOl sqad, typical eh :-) Perhaps we'll let it dry out and then maybe try sudocreme or Vit E cream. The naked scenario doesn't bear thinking about!
BTW he cooked it so I am not guilty.
When I burnt my arm (quite badly) the hospital wiped the blister off and dressed it. No creams....
I'm always burning my forearms on the cooker at work. Its generally best to not apply anything if its not a bad one. Though I too have found that sudocrem is most helpful.
I would just leave well alone or take the blister off and let it dry out.
Lots of cold water - if he can sit with his chin in cold water (!) then let it air dry that will also aid the process, but by this point it's happen gone past the 'cooking' stage and like Sqad says, just leave it and don't mess it about.
I wouldn't go breaking blisters if you can avoid it - you are just increasing the risk of infection.

Also you should never use cold water on burns. The water should be cool but not really cold. I'd suggest if all you have is cold water would be to use cling film to cover (but not wrap around) the area. Also never use ice, but I assumed everyone here knows that :)
Obviously in Ummmm's case they accessed her arm and decided to remove the blister but no doubt it was done whilst wearing gloves and not by her OH who no doubt know him will of been stood taking the mick out of her. Sorry Ummmm :)

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