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nailit | 16:37 Thu 07th Aug 2014 | Body & Soul
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Just had a dental crown fitted to upper molar (the one next to the canine) It feels huge and I cant close my mouth properly. The tempory crown that ive had for the past 2 weeks felt fine. I told the dentist that it was too big but got fobbed of with "you'll get used to it". Its driving me crazy, feel like I want to get a pair of pliers to it. Looking in the mirror, and comparing it with the molar on the other side, you can see thats its thicker and longer. Why couldnt they have made it the same size as the tempory crown which fitted a treat?
Feels like Ive got a large brick wedged between my teeth.
Anyone else had a similar problem and what did you (or your dentist) do about it.


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Its even a different colour...
I got something similar recently. Your jaw can adjust over a period but if it is too high for it to accommodate then it should be ground down. A dentist unable or unwilling to do this probably needs changing for one that can/will. Go back and complain (nicely).
Why don't you take a pair of plyers to it then, break it out/off then go back to the dentist and complain it came off as it was too big and he should fit another one properly foc.
I had a crown fitted just before Christmas Nailit.. after having a tempory one for 2 weeks like you... admittedly..its one of my back teeth..and its gold...and you cant see it.. but it is very comfortable.. feels just as it should,and my dentist made sure it was comfortable.. had to go back after a few weeks to make sure all was ok..and it OG says.. go back... and get it sorted.. nothing worse than having sore teeth or a sore mouth.. good luck Mrs C x
I have a few crowns and they're all as comfortable as the original teeth. Fitted by at least 3 different dentists, some private, some NHS. In every case when the crown was fitted the dentist checked that my bite was not affected and that the crown was comfortable, grinding bits off until I could both bite and grind my teeth. You need to get back to the dentist and complain bitterly.
They shouldn't have to go on "feel" when I have had crowns fitted, the dentist checked my bite with special paper.
One of my dentists many years ago gave me a front top right crown that is longer than the front top left crown, I have been 'snaggletoothed' ever since as no nhs dentist will fix it and I can't afford to go private.
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Thanks for speedy replies guys. Just had my tea and every time I chew its banging on my lower teeth. Cant live with this, rather just have it all taken out. The tooth next to it is also a crown that ive had for years with no problem. Guess I'll just have to go back and insist they do something. Only had it done a couple of hours ago and its driving me nuts.
I should go back too, but it is quite a trip for me. He's had 2 goes at it but it is still only almost right.
It should feel OK from the word go nailit and I've got several crowns so I know what I'm talking about! One didn't fit properly and the dentist was not happy and he sent it straight back to be altered and gave me another temporary one. Don't think much of your dentist. Good luck.
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They did seem to be a bit 'rushed' today but not happy with it at all. Will ring them tomorrow and try get it sorted. I'd rather be toothless than live with (what feels like) a house brick in my upper jaw.
As woof says, the end result should have been checked several times with the articulation paper to assure a proper fit.

Having had number of crowns fitted here in the U.S., I do notice that for the first 2-3 days or so, the newly installed device seems perhaps not fir as good as it could. I attribute this to some swelling of the gums during the procedure. I've not confirmed my suspicions with my dentist, but after a rather short period of time the crown fits better, but the gum line around it is often tender for perhaps a week.

Good luck with it!
As already suggested, it should have been tested with articulating paper. Go back to your dentist and insist that at the very least, they test it - it checks for where the teeth make contact during biting and grinding.
Was this an NHS crown? Anyway you must go back. I've had a crown recently and it did feel odd and I kept playing with it with my tongue for days but now I forget it's there. In your case you should have had your bite checked and the colour should have been matched sympathetically.
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Yes this is an nhs crown. Just got back home after a meal out for my sisters birthday and I definitely cant eat properly with it. There was no test done at the dentist with any kind of articulating paper, just fitted it and sent me on my way even after I told the dentist it felt huge. Also got others to look at it and they all said it was a different colour. I did wonder if it was my imagination.
Thanks for all of your replies.
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