deja vu

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looobylooo | 14:32 Tue 14th Jun 2011 | Body & Soul
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any of you ABers experienced this?

would be interested to hear about it if you have..


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I'm sure I've answered this already! ;-)
I thought you'd already asked this ?!?
There you are, 2nd post again !
Didn't I tell you 30 mins ago?
Is that an example of deja vu?
"Doctor, Doctor I think I'm suffering from Deja Vu!"

"Didn't I see you yesterday?"
frera jacka, frera jacka, deja vu?
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oh ha ha flippin ha ha! .. just hold on a sec while i grab a needle n thread so i can sew up my sides! .... ;o}~
No seriously ! Here is proof you posted before

How did you do that?
Apparently its something going on in the brain that makes you believe you have seen or experienced this event before when in fact it is a new event to you.
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I haven't, but there's some explanation of it here

My mother had it badly almost all of the time. It can be a symptom of dementia.
Whoops, sorry pixi, I hadn't read your answer. My mother was in her late 80's!! Don't worry.

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deja vu

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