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perigra | 21:23 Sat 08th Dec 2007 | Health & Fitness
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my personal physician has given me only a few hours to live so i'v chosen to spend this time on answerbank.

are there any other abers in a similar position?


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Is this serious, a joke - or a hypothetical question?
Question Author
it's too late ice.
i posted that ages ago. if i was serious i would be dead by now.
it just goes to show what an uncaring world we live in!!!
Well I'm sure glad it wasn't serious, but the date under the post shows as the 8th....???
Question Author
relitively speaking it was ages ago. i said i had a few hours left which means i would have only just popped off and i imagine if it had of been real it would have been an agonising death.

i hope you all feel guilty that you might have left me to die alone and in pain!!!!!!
Might've been better to post it in CB.
Question Author
it was a health issue though
But a joke one. Most posts on here seem to be serious!
Question Author
just goes to show that so called caring people on the health bit of ab don't have a sense of humour.
i hope they catch a cold!
Lol! I think you've got a point!

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