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tiggerblue10 | 00:45 Sun 09th Dec 2007 | Health & Fitness
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Has anyone had stomach ulcer pains? If so can you describe them please?


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Horribly sharp stabbing pains when you move, felt very very sick as well with mine.
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The reason I ask is because I have had severe pain in the upper part of my body which goes on for hours and hours. The pain will not go away with pain killers. In fact pain killers make it worse. I've downed half a bottle of gaviscon and it still took a while for the pain to subside. It also causes a pain on my right shoulder and makes me feel sick.

My friends don't seem to take me seriously and think I'm putting it on.
Pain in your shoulder should be investigated.

How old are you, how long have you had the pain for, are you male or female and could you be pregnant?

When you say upper part you you mean upper tummy or chest wise. If the pain is in your chest or you could be pregnant then see a dr asap to get it checked out.

You could try ringing NHS Direct and getting their advice.

(0845) 46 47

Hope you're feeling better soon.
Is the pain in your shoulder or between your shoulder blades. I had oesophagitis 9 years ago just after having my daughter and it was worse that the labour. Gall stones were the cause.
Hi tiggerblue
I had the same symptoms a few years ago. The pain was horrific.
I was diagnosed with an inflamed oesophagus, due to reflux over the years.
I am on medication now and can eat or drink anything. No probelms at all.
You really do need to see your GP though.
Good Luck.
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Thank you all for your replies.

Hi Jenna, I am not pregnant and I'm in my mid 30's. I have been getting these pains a few times a year for the past few years. The pain occurs above the abdomen and spreads throughout my upper body.
Hi Tigger :D
Hon, pop to the docs and tell them your symptoms. They'll give you something better than Gaviscon. Sounds like all of the above suggestions regarding heartburn and the rest that goes with it lol.

I will say though, instead of gaviscon? untill you can get to the docs, go and buy Zantac. It contains ranitidine, and you can take 2 if you need.

The doc will probably give you Ranitidine 150mg and Zantac contains 75mg.

I take PPI's which stop acid production lol, but I let the acid eat away at my oesophagus before I got the help......

Good Luck There Tigger!!! :) xxx
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Hi Beryl,

I will go to my GP. Thanks all. xxx

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