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stevie1time | 12:17 Sat 08th Dec 2007 | Health & Fitness
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Do you think that maybe a cure could easily be found for such diseases and many others, but a world wide conspiracy stops it...I mean if they did find a cure,imagine how the population would increase,the amont of revenue Drug manufacturers would lose,(it would be trillions,i.e..Governments would lose in Taxes),the amount of people that would be out of work through finding a cure,the charities that collect money for such diseases would cease to exsist????


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Whenever a cure is found for a serious disease, it seems to be replaced by a new disease somehow.
If there is a cure or Cancer, then I wish they would reveal it now.
My Husband has been fighting Cancer for over four years now, with no cure in sight.
I would give evrything I own to make him well again. That also applies to all other sufferers out there.
well said cruella
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that he'll be OK Cruella - x.
Thanks tigwig I really appreciate that.
well I know exactly what you're going through cruells just read my other posts on B&S and more recently on Law. I do hope you enjoy the precious time you have with your husband and wish you both well
I do not follow conspiracies to a great degree. If "the powers that be" are so concerned about world population, then they would drop anthrax on the middle east wouldn't they?

However, unlike cancer, AIDS is not exactly a problem to western civilisations as it is easily avoided. I do believe that the major pharmeceutical companies are working individually to fight a cure or immunisation to AIDS. Those who will finally develope one will be the greatest company in the world. Therefore, they are not sharing information and perhaps at the same stage on their research. If they pulled resources, then perhaps a cure will be nearer in the making.

I also accept a conspiracy for the common cold. They are not exactly that bad in the great scheme of things but how much does do companies make each time one has a cold??

Vit C tablets
Tunes etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc.

Would it really be cost effective to obliterate the common cold? The amount companies would lose if treatments were not needed would push the price of a cure for the common cold to probably �1000+. No health service could afford this.
Thanks to all for your support in this thread.
It really meant so much to us both for your good wishes.
There are so many other people out there in the same position, so we take it a day at a time and laugh a lot. We make the most of every day we have together.
I've got bone and breast cancer but I've got a lot to be thankful for, this time last year I was paralyzed from the waist down and I really thought I was dying but with radiotherapy and a lot of care I can now walk again, I've been told it will probably come back again and the breast cancer can't be cured but I just live each day to the full and keep positive.Tell your husband Cruella that positive thinking really does work and I wish him well. Most days I feel pretty rough but then I think hey I'm alive which makes me feel a lot better.
Sorry to hear you are yet another victim of this cruel disease.
One thing that we are, is positive. Always have been.
Like yourself it just keeps coming back, so more chemo and operations. It is a way of life to us now.
Like I said, we laugh a lot and try to forget all about it in between treatments.
If you ever want to talk gelda, email through personal messages.
How do I do that?

Sorry to hear that Cruella and gela. I know how you feel, my nan has had bowel cancer for 8 months now, she was told 2 months ago that there is nothing else they can do for her as it has spread to her lungs and liver. me and my family are all standing by her to make sure she is happy and is never on her own. She is coping really well it really is important to stay positive! x
gelda and hiya
I was going to suggest that we use the private messaging on the new beta site if anyone needs support. Unfortunately, the beta site has disappeared for the time being, but once it is up and running, I will get in touch.
Take care.
Thanks Cruella
Thanks Cruella, look forward to it x

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Cure for Cancer,Aids

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