Carpal Tunnel Operation

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gl556tr | 07:23 Fri 25th May 2018 | Health & Fitness
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More of a Medical nature, this query. But, here goes.

Due to poor initial treatment from my GP, the tendosynivitis of both arms -- after an intensive period of humping boxes whilst moving -- has persisted, so that I must now seek the views of a surgical consultant.

He mentioned the possible necessity of widening the carpal tunnel in order to facilitate better movement of tendons (also the 'rings' at the base of a few fingers). This would minimise inflammation.

Currently, only a theoretical situation, I would appreciation the opinions of those who have had such/similar operations.

Thank you.


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" I would appreciation the opinions of those who have had such/similar operations. "

Well I haven't, but here is my opinion to do with what you will.
Decompression of the carpal tunnel is performed by compression of the median nerve in more than 90% of decompressions.
However decompression of the tunnel to relieve pressure on the tendos is NOT a theoretical consideration, it is a very practical one, performed over many years and should be considered in a diagnosis of tenosynovitis, acute or chronic.
my only reservation is that it should be performed by a hand surgeon and not a routine Orthopaedic surgeon.
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S: Thank you for your explanation.
Yes, the consultant is, indeed, a hand surgeon - NOT an orthopaedic surgeon. Apart from the carpal tunnel, he'd also mentioned something to do with the thumb. I assumed this also came under this term.
However, an X-Ray later, it seems that my major problem is
"De Quervain's Tenosynovitis". That is, the two large muscles opening and closing the thumb. Their tendons are held in position with their own 'tunnel'.

So, the Op will involve opening/easing this thumb tunnel **and** the first such 'rings' at the base of a couple of fingers.

>> Medical advice and comments from Tabbies who have gone through this op procedure would be most welcome.
I'm not sure whether these links will actually add to your knowledge but, just in case they might help, I'll offer them to you anyway:
well you have had an opinion from a hand surgeon and another one on AB
how many more do you want

Carpal tunnel operations are routinely done - results are good.
and a bit about de Q tenosyunovitis

and here is a bit about long term ( longer than 2 y) follow up of carpal tunnel surgery

the informed choice is yours
asking Mrs Mopp darn the road what she thinks may not be the best way forward....( to inform yourself)
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B & PP: Your references were helpful.

I now feel reassured about the impending op.

Thank you.
My Mrs had both hands operated on, about 4yrs ago.
Both hands are in full working order and there are no lasting side effects.
gl556tr, I had a carpal tunnel decompression 18 years ago and it was the best thing I ever had done. I had immediate relief of symptoms and they never returned.

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Carpal Tunnel Operation

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