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fruitsalad | 18:28 Wed 05th Jun 2013 | Health & Fitness
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for the last couple of days I have been needing the loo all the time, then when I do go its only a small amount, no sooner have I finished I need to go again so I took a urine sample to the doctors where they said the nurse would test it, I phoned the surgery this evening to see if there were any results and was told something has shown up, but not enough to prescribe antibiotics, they have sent to lab to be tested again, what can they do at the lab they cant do at the doctors surgery?


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Gp test would be for protein(suggesting infection) only.

Urine test to path lab would be an attempt to grow the organism (if present)

i suppose that the labs would have more thorough testing facilities

i hope you are ok
proper laboratory cultures that can identify what's actually there that shouldn't be.
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thank you Sqad
The lab test will also determine the best anti-bacterial to use for the specific infection.
Your symptoms sound very like cystitis. You may find you can 'cure' it yourself by drinking lots of clear fluids or by getting some Cymalon from the chemist.
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thanks guys for your answers...daffy I've never had cystitis before but doesn't that sting when you pee I haven't had any real stinging
Lemon Barley water is good to drink and it does sound like cystitis
fruitsalad, im sure if you had cystitis youd know,,,,,,,,,,,,very painful,
Cystitis doesn't always sting when weeing.

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Urine Sample

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