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eyesh | 17:22 Wed 11th Apr 2012 | Health & Fitness
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I quit smoking a month ago. My cravings are near enough gone now. But I have had some terrible effects after. Coughing (with phlegm) I read its due to cilla growing back and your lungs repairing themselves. Feeling tierd and sleepy, feel kind of high and vagueness, breathless with chest pain and kinda aching all over my body. I was wondering if any ex-smoking experienced or people quitting now are going through the same things, or other effects please share.


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Congratulations, and keep going. I was really lucky, can't remember any physical effects at all. But whatever is happening to you now, it is FAR FAR better than what would have happened if you'd carried on smoking.
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Thanks bert_h.

Also if anyone wants to share tips and advice on how they handles craving or symptoms please go ahead.
Well done you! 5 years since I gave up the weed and seem to remember having the cough which I was told was the body (lungs) getting rid of all the gunge. Can't remember any other side effects. Keep up the good work, your health will improve greatly.
i have never smoked, however, i could not leave this thread without saying congratulations to you for giving up. of course it is difficult, but persevere and you will be better off for your efforts.
once again, congratulations
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Thank u all
Keep it up , I had a few effects after stopping smoking similar to some of yours i.e. coughing with phlegm and the breathless for a while but hung in there and all ended well after a couple of months. It is worth it in the end, although it did cost me a few bob in extra strong mints , sure I put a bit of weight on, but a small price to pay.good luck.
Best of luck eyesh. Your lungs will clear all the rubbish gradually so every bit you get rid of is a bit less inside. Nicotine is a powerful drug so there are bound to be some effects. Keep it up, you'll be much healthier and richer in the long run.
I gave up at New Year and have somehow managed to stick at it. But I did have a horrible cough for several weeks and felt very tired and irritable. I was never a heavy smoker, 10 a day max and usually a lot less, so it was probably easier for me than for a lot of people. I sometimes get the odd craving after a couple of drinks, but no way would I start again. Apart from anything else, it's too blooming expensive.

Stick at it, eyesh, you're doing brilliantly. You'll probably be feeling great in a couple of weeks time.
19 yrs since i gave up and still get the occasional craving. Only now they last seconds rather than minutes, so easy to ignore. Best advice to ignore the cravings in the early stages of giving up, is to make an effort to do something else. Hoover the carpet, wash the dishes, check car tyre pressures etc anything to use your hands and take the mind away from the weed. Keep it up, i've never regretted (nor has my bank manager)
Congratulations. One of the best things you'll do in your life. I never coughed when I smoked but had a cough for a couple of months after but I told myself that was all part of the clean up. Whenever I felt like a smoke I brushed my teeth which 1) occupied my hands and 2) the minty taste took away the urge to smoke. Treat yourself to a good teeth clean as that's where'll you'll notice a change first, then you'll notice how well your skin looks. Don't forget; one really hurts.... so don't give into it.
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Thanks so much to you all. I am feeling better everyday. I have no intention to start smoking again!!!
eyesh well done on quiting must say i gave up 2 years ago and I never had a cough while I was smoking and have'nt had one since giving up (not sure if thats a good thing or not) I did notice I caught every head cold that was going around at the time of giving up though, nowadays I cannot stand to be near anyone who is smoking.
The strangest effect that I remember was, nearly a year after I'd given up, going back to a once-a-year event. The moment that I walked in to this place, where the last time I had been in it I was a smoker, a crazy craving to light up came over me! And I hadn't had that for ages and ages before. But it went away quite quickly - I just found it intriguing, rather than a problem.
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