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What Are You Reading At The Moment?

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LadyCG | 14:20 Thu 26th Jan 2023 | Arts & Literature
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I grabbed a latte on my way to work and at the same time noticed Buy One Get One Half Price on books so I treated myself to The Beekeeper of Aleppo (Christy Lefteri) and The Catch (Harlan Coben). Has anyone ready these and what did you think?

And what are others reading at the moment?


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I loved The Beekeeper of Aleppo.
Ever since watching the excellent first series of Slow Horses (also watched series 2 recently) i've been attempting to read all the books in the Slough House series of novels on which the tv series is based. I've either 2 or 3 left to read.

He also writes a series of books involving PI Zoe Boehm (read the first) and some stand alone novels. Just last night finished 'Reconstruction', an excellent suspense novel with many twists and turns, involving the intelligence agencies.

Will browse on Amazon later today to purchase another 3 of his books, a Slough House, a Zoe Boehm and a stand alone one, probably 'Nobody Walks' as it, too, involves the intelligence agencies.
I can no longer read. I do so much reading for work, my eyes are just too tired these days.

However, I have discovered Audible. My latest is "Splinter the Silence" by Val McDermid.
Did you mean The Catch by T M Logan? If so, I didn't really enjoy it. Started watching it last night but went to bed half way through the first episode.
Love Harlan Coben
Question Author
The Match by Harlan Coben. Sorry, fuzzy eye syndrome.

Me too, Minty.
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Tyrion, that's good to hear. Have you read Khaled Hosseini's books?
I have just finished Trespasses by Louise Kennedy, a love story based during the troubles in N.Ireland, beautifully written and realistic
The Catch has been filmed and is available within a few days
channel 5 I think.

Junior Officers' Reading Club - afghan junior officer's memo. ( big vogue for junior doctors memoirs - The House of God, etc) and suffers from the 'usual defects' - no real narrative thread. Other than he serves in A and doesnt like it but does like afghanis

saboteur of auschwitz ( they didnt)

Nicholas Nickleby ( proj goot) as good as,
very mindful of the 1968 version
Harlan Coben is one of my favourites and I read all of his books. Not read The Catch yet though. At the moment reading Take Your Breath Away by Lynwood Barclay.
Jeremy Clarkson’s second in his farm series - ‘Diddly Squat - Til the Cows come home’.
The Satsuma Complex, Bob Mortimer. I'm on page 65 (or so) and it's a bit sloooowwww.
Ah I see it's called The Match. I'll look out for it.
Homer's Iliad; not for the first time.
(This translation, Martin Hammond)
I'm reading Snap by Belinda Baeur. It was so highly recommended by all the panellists on the TV book programme Between the Covers.
I've not long finished T M Logans The Catch. It's a good page turner. And I enjoyed the first episode of the TV series which started last night. Jason Watkins excellent.

I also like Harlen coben and Linwood Barclay. Currently reading elavator pitch by Linwood. Was also introduced to books by David baldacci recently
I'm reading the 1st novel by a member of our writing group. It's called 'Not Holy Good - Nor Wholly Bad' and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. a real dive into the committee mentality of L.A.s, charity organisations and the upper ranks of Anglicanism. A more or less redundant church in a desperately poor/semi derelict northern town; a proposal to turn it into a night-club and efforts to somehow incorporate the food bank and a small hostel at the same time.
Very interesting and entertaining - unfortunately you can't buy it except through him.
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I have that book, Puzzled. I'd started reading it and then it disappeared and I think it accidentally got put back up in the attic.
I've read the Beekeeper of Aleppo and thoroughly enjoyed. I thought it was well written and kept me wanting to know more.
Hope you like it.

Haven't read The Match but will look out for it.
Khandro - the last time I read The Iliad it was in Latin. Didn't know there was an official translation so will look out for it. Thanks.

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