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ichkeria | 08:41 Wed 17th Nov 2021 | Arts & Literature
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One of my more perverse habits is occasionally to go to the review section on Amazon of a book I’ve just particularly enjoyed, to read the one-star reviews!
Yes, I know …
There was one I read recently of a long novel in which the reviewer admitted to having “skipped pages”
I was flabbergasted. I can understand admbwndining ship. Maybe even the odd fast-forward with a mind to return, tho it’s something I’ve never done.
So the question is: would you? Could you? Have you ever?
Missed a bit of a novel (not a reference work of course) and carried on?


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No, but I have sometimes started to read a book only to realise part way through that I will not finish it (sometimes due to bad writing or for brain related reasons) and have gone online and have read the plot or summary.

admbwndining ... ?
If I get bored enough to skip pages, then I lose interest in the book and give up.
Question Author
Sorry yes.
We’ve all done that I’m sure.
But skipping bits??
Unrelated, but Amazon reviews can be a goldmine of hilarity
Jim, that is more interesting than I thought it was going to be.

On a slightly related note, I find it funny to watch people in casinos take note of previous winning numbers in roulette, as if the ball remembers where it landed up before.

Back to OP, if a book is boring me enough to want to skip pages it’s not going to get any better so I give up.

The reviews were amusing but tame and polite. Is there a great need in the world for such a book? :-)

Amazon suggested a book for me at the bottom of the page. User Recommendation
Ichkeria, I just played that to my cat. She wasn’t impressed.
Sorry, wolf, not ich
I just listened to it - it did my head in so can you please apologise to your boss from me. I hope that I will receive a Cat Pardon.

I read a book recently with a decent plot - I wanted to know how it finished.
I did skip pages that described in too much detail the fight scenes that went on when the many police arrested the gangsters. Apart from stretching credulity, I found those passages tedious.
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I couldn’t skip a page even of the worst novel in the world tho I’d gladly abandon.
It’s probably just me.
I can only think of four off the top of my head where I have given up and I think one of those was just that I lost interest. The other three were books I simply didn’t understand and one of those wasn’t a novel. There may well be others. It’s the sort of thing you’d probably try to forget
No point in skipping a bit, if it's that bad just abandon altogether. TBF I'm pretty brutal with books, I use the Magnus Magnusson approach but occasionally I have abandoned a book.
I read a book once - didn't think much of it.
^^^ is that some sort of celebration of personal ignorance Dave?
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It’s good to know some reviewers have a sense of humour Jim
Yes, I've done this from time to time, but I've still enjoyed the rest of the book. It's because one of my favourite authors does go on a bit sometimes when explaining or describing something and I get bored !
It's never spoiled the plot for me.

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Wow with a favourite author too.
I’m well flabbergasted even more!
I’m not judging you by the way. We’re all different.
Can I ask which author?
Douglas Kennedy. I don't do it with all his books and it's only a page or two at the most when he's 'rambling' a bit lol .....

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