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wolf63 | 23:50 Sat 20th Nov 2021 | Arts & Literature
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This is a follow-on to a question that I asked a few weeks ago.
TTT tried to help me but it seems that we were going in the wrong direction.

Using my new spectacles and a magnifying glass I have managed to locate a little more information from the leaflet.

"modèle déposé - Breveté s.g.d.g." is printed at the bottom of the middle page of the leaflet.

I have discovered that: Breveté SGDG was a French type of patent that ceased to exist in 1968. The name was a common abbreviation for "Breveté Sans Garantie Du Gouvernement“

The 'picture' in the middle of the leaflet is constructed by a few layers of plastic with trees etc between the layers.

Can anyone tell me if this item has another name? Uncle Google gives me many results but none of them is in any way similar to this item.

I am off to bed to play with my Kindle - I will be back.


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Is there any information on the reverse?
Question Author
No. Nothing. Zilch.

The text seems to be the usual tourist stuff.

It is unusual and may be oldish but Google isn't helping me at all.
I thought the emblem on the front might help but it's just the Paris coat of arms.
Question Author
I tried the Google images reverse check for the emblem. I got some strange results but you got further than me. :-)
any reason why it isn't just what it looks like, a souvenir leaflet? The plastic overlays are unusual, giving a sort of 3D effect, and it may be that someone has tried to copyright or patent the idea - I've not seen that sort of thing before, but it probably failed to catch on.

It looks envelope-sized so it might have been mailable as an upmarket postcard.
Question Author

The fact that I can't find anything like it annoys me. If all else fails I can put it on the Oxfam site and think of a value/guesstimate.

I managed to sell one old postcard for £20 last week. I put it on the Oxfam site whilst in the shop and by the time that I got home it had sold. I could have undervalued the postcard!!
very galling. But selling postcards has always seemed rather random to me. It might fetch more if it's unusual, like this one, or to someone building up a collection of Eiffel Tower representations, or to someone who's visited it, or if it's particularly old or by Cezanne, or to someone who just likes it. You might be able to guess the age (post-1931) if you can get a good look at the plane. I'd just label it "rare French information leaflet" and charge whatever you fancy.
This is a link to the coat of arms
Question Author
The majority of the postcards are of no value. The one that we got twenty pounds for was from 190? and it was golf related.

I enjoy a challenge but I hate the thought of missing out by under-valuing something.

Are there any local auctioneers you could ask?
List it with a silly price ono.
If it attracts no interest you can always discount.
It just looks like a souvenir pamphlet intended for tourists. The composition of the picture was probably designed to allow similar coloured images to be easily created, in other pamphlets, with different Parisian landmarks in the background. The date of publication can be pinned down fairly accurately: the penultimate sentence of the text talks about how the Tower has stood overlooking Paris for 60 years ("soixante ans"), so it must have been printed round about 1950.
Well spotted!
Agree with Etch regarding it being a souvenir from a tour of the Eiffel Tower.
It's a tourist's guide to the Eiffel tower
Question Author
Thanks folks.T

I know that it is a tourist guide but was not sure if picture/design in the middle had a name.

Thanks for taking the time to help.

Is it a "volumetric photocard" ?

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