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mumscuppa | 22:55 Thu 11th Nov 2021 | Arts & Literature
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Hi, as I haven't got Netflix I was wondering if anyone knows when the film will be released on DVD, the internet says it was May this year but I cant find a copy anywhere. TIA


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I fear that you may be out of luck.

Netflix had the original rights but Amazon Prime Video has now acquired them too. That might block the release of the movie on DVD for quite some time.

While the film might hopefully find its way onto a disc, there can be no guarantee of that. Sainsbury's have already decided to stop selling DVDs, as there's very little market for them in the face of competition from streaming services, with other supermarkets expected to follow suit.

In the past, many DVDs have been purchased in supermarkets, either as impulse buys or as gifts for others. Without such a market available to distributors, it's likely that the number of movies released in DVD (or Blu-ray) format will dwindle rapidly, as DVDs are now seen by many to be 'old technology'.

^^^ That's an illegal streaming site. If your ISP detects that you're using it, expect to receive an email warning you that your service will be terminated if you continue to do so - and/or watch out for the malware that such sites often dump onto people's computers, enabling them to access login details for banking sites, etc:
Also if you have the ability to stream why not just buy it from prime or sign up to nextflix for a free trial?

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The Film @ The [email protected] On Dvd

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