Should I Take A Nude Model Part Time Job On Campus?

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sanctionedvice | 04:26 Thu 14th Sep 2017 | Arts & Literature
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I'm a student here, lets be clear on that.
So I found this job posting (maybe two weeks ago?) on the campus webpage asking for a nude model, all body types preferred, and I found myself strangely interested.
I have a number of mental health issues, common but they're ruining my life. I imagine a job posing nude for an art class should boost my self esteem no?

I noticed today that the pay went up 3 or 4 dollars, they're probably not getting many applicants, if any at all. Pay is okay.
So should I? Or will it affect my standing or social life? (Not that I have one at the moment.)


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If you wish to.
Make sure it's legit. ;-)
Unsure whether it'll have any effect on your self esteem. You need not tell those in your social circle if you don't wish to, but can't see why it should have any effect on mature adults anyway.
Probably not, that pay looks very poor to me and if your peer group are students then they are not mature adults. If the career you're aiming for is anything in the public life then anything you do at University will come back to bite you if you make it, look at the slur campaigns on you own politicians.
I doubt if this would help your self esteem either
I agree with John..doubt your esteem/mental health would benefit
I did it - and the charcoal cracked......
I did it they ran out of charcoal lol
Better make sure it is a legitimate booking - an art school or an established art class, you don't want to be led into anything unsavoury.
I have hired and used many life models both male and female in art schools, it can be a physically demanding job particularly long, standing poses.
Anyone whose opinion of you is lowered by modelling isn't worth knowing anyway. I remember one model who was unemployed I booked and gave him work for a full semester who had never done any modelling before, years later I bumped into him in the street, I was with my wife and after greetings and introducing him, he said to her "You know this man (me) changed my life, because I thought, if I can make a career out of modelling, I can do anything" and he had applied to do something completely different and had become quite successful.
I did it and loved it. Go for it as long as it is for a life sitter for an art class.
If it's just some dodgy guy with a camera forget it.
The OP doesn't say what they pay is, just that it has gone up by 3 or 4 dollars from what was originally ofered. If the OP is happy with the pay then why not.
It worked wonders for my self esteem.
We don't know what the pay is.

Apply and get all the information - it doesn't mean you have to accept, you will just be in a better position to decide if it's for you

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Should I Take A Nude Model Part Time Job On Campus?

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