Feock Church 2nd Session

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DTCwordfan | 17:44 Sat 11th Aug 2012 | Arts & Literature
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Moved on a little with the drawing before it came in with a chilly wind - and I hadn't taken a sweater with me

Retired to a nearby pub, a customer of mine for a chicken coronation baguette and a glass of sauv blanc or two. Apart from a good chat with a mad Welsh cyclist who had had an entanglement with a Cornish hedgerow, I saw a 35-40ish woman with one of my postcards of the pub at the bar, so I went up and introduced myself as the artist.

Long and short of it is that her hubby loves this sort of drawing and had been thinking of buying a print of the pub - but she was also married in Feock Church and lives just above it.

I now have a commission of the west end of the Church looking down the hill, one of her husband's favourite views, in addition to a print order.

Various folk have said that all I need do was parky myself in the graveyard and start drawing and the prints and commissions would emerge as the village is known cynically as "Millionaires' Row" locally - (some beautiful cottages and houses it must be said).

Anyway, today I am that bit on and one can see the drawing emerging much better than yesterday's post.....but that is progress.

Now when will be the next decent day? Probably mid-week....

I am also attaching a photo.....


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Looking very good DT.
The photo is a record, the drawing a work of art.
Question Author
park myself - what a typo.....

thanks Tony

The commission will be useful! Plenty of time tom complete it as well.
Well done DT. Another masterpiece in the making.
Question Author
to not tom - yikes....

go and find some fish and chips now....
Very good, DT. I know the church well. My father lived around there. Did you "retire" to the Pandora, or The Punch Bowl?
Very good as usual, well done DT.
Beautiful DT. I look forward to following it. G x
Question Author
Builder - to the Old Quay at Devoran - which is really nice now. Many years ago, my eldest sis used to be No 1 chef at the Pandora, and now lives around the corner in L. Greatwood
Taking shape nicely DT. x
Looks amazing already.

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Feock Church 2nd Session

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