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SteveD | 11:09 Tue 14th Dec 2004 | Site Suggestions
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The following is from the Home Page. Thanks to the Ed and team:


Changes To AnswerBank
Improvements have been made to the rich text editor and the text area used by browsers that can't display the rich text editor. Additionally an automatic suspension feature has been added to ensure that excessive questions and answers by a user in a given period of time will be removed from the site until moderated.
33% of respondents to the new categories poll requested Science which has been included. Health, Shopping and Careers were also popular and will be added in due course.


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Thanks for that, SteveD!

ermm, we know, its on the homepage and at the top of news. BTW I still can't "see" adverts" and to me "internet and computing" still reads "internet and technology". I have cleared out all my saved pages and reset the browser to clear them at the end of each session and also set the browser up to check for new versions of the page at each visit.

 Suggestions anyone??

Internet & Technology has never changed, has it?
the notice on the home page and at the top of "news" suggests that it has
Woofgang, I too am Advertless and have been since I joined.  I can get to see the questions by going to the Home Page and dropping the about: menu down.  If I click on Adverts. the questions then unroll - but without their titles so I can't get in to see the answers or to contribute.  I don't feel I'm missing much � my screen time is mostly PC monitor time and I've never seen anything they're asking about.

Marsh, there are many of us that can't see 'Adverts', but are you really bothered?

I can access the catagory by adding /Adverts/ to the address bar after, but get the same result as you... 'error on page' and all the links missing!


To be honest there are enough Adverts on TV to get totally bored with them!

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AB Improvements

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