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anneasquith | 11:10 Mon 21st Nov 2016 | Site Suggestions
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I can understand when mods or ed remove a post ?but fail to see why an entire thread is removed?


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hc4361 - hopefully not, since it is a valid point, and posted in Site Suggestions. To remove a thread asking why threads are removed would be a perfect Catch-22!
11:17 Mon 21st Nov 2016
I seem to have got suspended because my short name PP was the same as another more abusive ( me? never ! never ! ) poster

then on the Tuesday I was back on and ....

the thread asking - wossee done now ? about me and what I hadnt done - was erased instead

there's free speech for you

as a point of order Retrocop has been suspended since 31 July
is this a record ?
No, it's not a record, PP.
PP - free speech includes obeying Site Rules - which is why a thread querying your actions was removed, and your question about Retrocop will not be receiving a response.

Please read the AE's response.

The ones MargoTester are probably referring to might have decided that they don't want to return , otherwise why would they not email the ed and point out that it looks as though they have been forgotten about .

Although - they have been suspended several times and each time they have been re-instated , they have reverted to type
Sqad, yes I like 'dudgeon' as a word - grew up hearing it.
How long is too long to be suspended I wonder? Three months is the one I'm looking at but I thought it used to be a couple of weeks a few years back. Is it OK to bring it to the attention of the Ed after a certain time or can a mod keep an ABer dangling for ever?
PP I queried someone being suspended for almost 2 years I believe it was and lo and behold she was active again the next day.
Me too mamya. It meant you were mightily p'd off by someone or something.
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Your previous offences will be taken into account, of course as Chris says it's possible you may be forgotten I guess.
I agree with Ladybirder. Either suspend or ban. No halfway house.
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Not really. A ban usually means all answers get removed. If they have made some helpful contributions the bank of answers might want to keep them.
I have being suspended many years ago, I did go off the boli a little bit but simply did break Site Rules arguing with a now banned user (Troll). As I was drawn in, I do prefer the suspension idea. BTW I was reinstated after an apology for my own 'out of charterer' behaviour at the time.
I've answered the original question and as I said, discussions about banned members won't be entered into, so I'm going to close this thread now.

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