What kind of animal is this?

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Velvetee | 19:45 Wed 13th Jan 2010 | Animals & Nature
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Hi everyone,

The following animal footprints were found in our front garden this morning. My partner says he thinks they are very big for the average nocturnal animal and to show scale there is a print of his size 11 shoe.

Does snyone know what kind of animal it is? The prints carry on into next door's garden, the animal jumped over the adjoining wall.

<a href="
target="_blank"><img src="
border="0" alt="Big Foot"></a>


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Question Author
I've never seen a Badger print, the way he was carryining on, you'd think we had the Beast of Bodmin on our doorstep, he says its too huge to be a Badger's.
big deer maybe?
Rabbit or Hare, long paw prints for the back legs short hole/prints for the front legs.

look at the hare and rabbit print, now imagine the back legs togeather and the front legs togeather then it hops.

rabbit prints in the snow.

They're from a moggy bounding along to keep out of the snow as much as possible, going away from the camera (I think), when cats jump like that their front paws touch down and then they bring their hind paws in just behind the front. Tell your other half he can come out from behind the sofa now :-)
I considered the hare or rabbit Dave but since the OP says they went over a fence and the rears aren't really much longer than the fronts I decided on cat but you may well be right.
This is a deer footprint, your one seems similar
I'm going with Webbo. It sure looks like Hare tracks.
LMAO @ craft1948. Pensioners.
It's a grey squirrel
it's a brown bear
Syberian Filigree Hamster...
I sense that snags is on a roll here..........
Ok... seriously... Basking Shark with fake claw sandals...
I still think I'm's an abandoned by children scavenging pensioner....
Puss in Boots. He's going home, now panto season has ended.
Would go with Fitzer. Hares and rabbits don't jump over walls.

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