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No Bah Humbug Here!

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naomi24 | 14:03 Tue 23rd Jan 2024 | Animals & Nature
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After spending nine years at an animal sanctuary, this beautiful boy called Humbug has finally found a loving home.  One to make you smile.    :o))))




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Beats me why it took so long to adopt a beautiful dog like that.

At last! 😀 Lovely boy so deserves this. I hope he goes on to live the rest of his life indulged in love, care & affection. 


So pleased for him.  Bless you Humbug.

I always go for the dog nobody else wants if I know I can manage him.  The one slinking away at the back of the kennels, tail wrapped under his body, ears back onto his head which is pointed at the floor became mine and was the most loving dog I've ever had.  This doesn't sound cheerful Naomi but it so was:-)

He looks as though he has his paws well and truly under the table. I hope all goes well for Humbug and his new family.


Ladybirder we are the same.  We have always chosen the  dogs or cats with problems that others don't want.  What they look like doesn't matter.  I tell Mr L often that is why I  chose him! I would love to have a companion for Poppy but with my problems it can't happen.

I'm so pleased for Humbug.

Lovely story. I hope Humbug lives a long and happy life with his new family. 

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No Bah Humbug Here!

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