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HRM8855 | 18:52 Mon 25th Oct 2021 | Animals & Nature
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Clues are popular edilbe marine fish that end up on the plate in some form or other some clues are anagrams.

1. Popular boxer kept his in a shed (7)

6. Has almost a demand on it (4)

15. Close family relative is a nut (4)

16. In short - this one is fantastic! (5)

17. Tasty when you cram leek into (8)

Any help much appreciated thank you


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1 halibut
15 Tuna
17 mackerel
17 Mackerel
15 tuna
16. Brill
17 mackeral ...anagram cram leek
16 Brill
16. brill
yes mallyh but mackerel

I know cos I was stacking tins today and like it for lunch
oh yes thanks:-)
6 Cla(i)m ?
or clam(our)

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