Waste Of Time Contacting The Vets To Complain

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Bobbisox1 | 11:58 Mon 18th Oct 2021 | Animals & Nature
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She babbled on about blood sucking fleas thst May of lain dormant on Lola and how when people turn on their central heating around nose the fleas will react to warm conditions, she even had the affront to recommend a household spray….but that’s prescription only !!!!


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seems to be a thing with vets - regardless of reason we take one of our cats to see him, he's rooting through their fur looking for fleas, and he must feel well wounded when he doesn't find any (he never has.....)
isshe better? Perhaps it's a mixed picture?
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She asked what home spray I was using and I said it was a one from Pets at Home £16,
Oh that won’t work, it doesn’t kill the eggs , we have one but it’s on prescription, I really felt like asking her if she was deaf?
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Not quite Bednobs, still scratching but I concede , not as bad as she was
I know from experience that vets always have an answer, they're never in the wrong !!
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She was like a politician BS :0)
Took mine to the vets for the same thing just last Friday, Bobs. Dog was prescribed a Bravecto tablet. But my vet told me that the household spray they recommend (Indorex) is much cheaper on Amazon. They're not all money-grabbers.
+1 for Indorex!
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That’s what Lola has been prescribed too Ken, after a while she said to try the one from Amazon, I’ve ordered it
in all fairness since you first mentioned this on here last spring, you've been looking for fleas on her and not found any; you also treated her for fleas. Perhaps the vets also had trouble spotting them, or she didnt have any when the vets saw her? perhaps as i say it's a mixed picture with the scratching being the allergy she had in the summer, and now fleas?
in any case im glad she's a bit better, and wish her well for long-term continued getting betterness
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Thanks Bednobs, I hate seeing her distressed
its horribble isnt it? My pup had an unexplained temp a few weeks ago that literally just laid her out ears down, no eating and drinking, no tail wagging no coming to greet us and while the anti biotics kicked in, i was so miserable
her? i mean him!
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It upsets us because they can’t tell us what’s wrong Bednobs
When my cat Casper had flea allergy, I was told it could take just one flea/ bite to set off an extreme reaction in some animals. It sounds as like Lola is very sensitive.
Oh dear :0)

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Waste Of Time Contacting The Vets To Complain

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