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rosiew | 18:10 Sun 07th Mar 2021 | Animals & Nature
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Hi Answerbankers
I have a 6 month old kitten. Sometimes when I feed her she paws around her dish just like when she is in her litter tray. Has anyone got any ideas what this means. Is she trying to say that her food is dirty!!!!!!


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My house cat used to do that if she didn't like the food she was given -sharply followed up with 'the look' then followed around an hour later by her 'take away' she'd foraged from the garden, dumped on the kitchen floor often still alive . The joy of cats lol! Try a different food.
One of my cats is 8 and she has always done this, I think she's trying to cover it up so my other one doesn't eat it/find her space.
Perhaps a vet might help?
I was told it was marking their territory. Could be any of the other reasons. My cat does it a lot. He is fed a lot though..
These cats that do it -do they go on to eat the food? My cat would sniff it then 'bury is' as if it was poo. I just assumed it wasn't up to her high standards lol!
My cat hides her food for later. Her bowl is on a tea towel and she flips the towel over it when she’s had a little bit. She comes back for more later. Perhaps that is what your cat is trying to do.
Yes like clover my cat that does it has her bowl near the shredder - if there's paperwork on the top she will knock it down and cover her bowl. She always finishes it later.
Clever little devils aren't they;-)
They are strange animals

Question Author
Thanks everyone. I suppose I have a mad little cat.
Wrong, Rosie!

All cats know that it's humans who're mad. Cats are perfectly sensible; it's just that humans aren't intelligent enough to see it ;-)
Yes sounds like she is ‘covering it up’ for later.
Rosie, if your cat is mad then she's perfectly normal.
My cat is a wannabe murderer!

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