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Nature Or Nurture?

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Barmaid | 22:32 Fri 05th Apr 2024 | Animals & Nature
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I took on 2 kittens who had been chucked out like rubbish when they were about 10 weeks old in Sept 22.  

They are SO different in character!  One is very clingy and does not like to go out too much.  She plays "fetch" in the evening with  Mr BM and complains if he does not throw her toy for her.  She does not go very far and her sister will catch mice, bring them back and give them to her.  She only ever squeaks.  We always joke that she may have been dropped on her head as a kitten.

Her sister is quite different.  She is very independent and very "cat".  She is desperate to get outside whenever she can, but ALWAYS comes in mid morning and demands a massive cuddle from me.  She is agile and very cunning.  She is a great climber of trees too.   She does a proper "Miaow".  She will take no prisoners with squirrels, rats etc, but is terrified of next door's cat (and strangely, her silly sister will take him on).

I have never brought up two cats together.  I refused to separate them because they really were bonded, but it amazes me how different they are. 

The only similarity is that if I walk round the garden, I can be assured of two little black shadows.  They will follow me anywhere.  I have not been to the bathroom alone for several months!

I brought them up together and treated them exactly the same, yet I have two very different characters.  

Not really a question, since it is what it is and I love both of them dearly but something for discussion.  Views?



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there were a couple of twins in my class at primary school; not identical, they looked completely different and acted completely different. I suppose it can be the same for any species, - though it might be different if they are identical.

Continuing the diversion to human species for a moment (apologies to Barmaid), I speak as an identical twin - but our characters are different in some respects (but similar in others).

I guess it's a mixture of nature and nurture, and the same for "domestic" animals.

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No apology necessary, Canary.

Thinking about what you and jno said, my (much) younger brother was at school with a pair of identical twins and I would often walk them home when I collected my brother.  One was a lovely child, the other was a little sod.

///One was a lovely child, the other was a little sod.///


LOL. I'm saying nothing 😁

that's interesting, Barmaid, answers my question about identical twins. They've got nature (same DNA) and nurture, and yet...

Anyone that's had more than one child knows that we're all born with an intrinsic character.

Nurture can then modify the behaviour, but the character or nature remains.

It's a combination of both.

Frankie and Princess were litter mates.

Frankie was a sweet mummy's boy and Merlin was a short tempered lady who bullied her poor brother.

Every morning he would greet her with a kiss and every morning she punched him in the face.

Merlin thought nothing of attacking and biting anybody who annoyed her.

When Merlin died at the vet Frankie wandered around the house trying to find her.  The look of pure happiness on his wee face when he realised that she wasn't coming back was hilarious.

They are strange animals.🐈🐈

I'm a bit confused wolf, are Princess and Merlin one and the same.

I also have 2 cats - sisters - and they too are like chalk and cheese! Molly is the daintier one, jet black & very very pretty! Daisy is her chunkier tortoiseshell sister. I always says she's more like a little Yorkshire terrier lol!  Daisy sits on our bedroom windowsills every morning as soon as she blinds are open and chatter/squeaks  like mad at any bird that may be sitting in the tree outside lol. Such a funny noise she makes! 

Canary, yes.  She was a big lass and her previous owner called her Merlin.  I sometimes added the Princess.

She never meowed, all she ever said was eek.

I have two 11 month old bengal cats brothers, and they are very different both mentally and physical. One is huge big cuddly bear the other althletic and nervy. Despite having had the same quantity of food since 8 weeks old one is 2 kilos heavier than the other. They are indoor cats but the thinner one is always looking to play while the heavier one sits and watches him 😄 However, the battle to sit on my lap is usually won by the thinner one as he sits one his brothers head until he moves 🤣

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