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Awww... he was :-). Out of all the disciplines, I always found dressage the hardest, much more than cross-country or showjumping. That is so much harder than it looks.
A total joy to watch and what beautiful memories she must have left them, as you say enjoyed every moment.
Not bad... but I like to see synchronised animal dancing.
They're a bit out of time, roy... should practice more:-)
well that certainly was something to behold, beautiful, majestic and down right fun
Ummmm have you never seen dressage? Good grief if you want marvelous watch our own GB gold medalist Charlotte Dujardin with Valegro. The article was actually quite funny suggesting the horse changes its trot of its own accord to the music lol! like I said good grief!
Yes Pixie I found Dressage more of a challenge than any other part of eventing. Very tiring on horse and rider even at Elementary levels.
I've watched it a few times now, thanks, ummm :-) x
That's brought a lump to my throat, just sensational
That was truly beautiful. Thanks for posting something a bit different ummmm.
What a nice thing to post, Ummmm. Lovely to watch...thank you...x
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shame i can't seem to play it just comes up as protected
Mally just google Freestyle Dressage and you will see loads of examples. It a video of a Danish rider competing in a Free Style Dressage to music.
Superb! That brought my biggest smile of the day so far, thanks ummmm :-))
Had the pleasure of watching the Spanish Lipizzaners rehearsing in Vienna. Marvellously
What a treat calmck.
Love the dainty moves and swishy tail :o)
Dot want to pee on your cornflakes, but I found that a very uncomfy watch. What must the horse go through to be trained to that level?

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