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I thought about that over the years. I don't think so. He was in to loads of sports but it was just the racing that got him.

He beat his habit in the end. He was a beautiful man.
I'm sure he was, ummmm xx
Lovely! Guess what? to Martin (tee hee) and gness I'm afraid you are the ones that have ruined the thread by snide pops at myself. Unlike you two and a few others, I have not insulted anyone , and certainly not come onto a thread with the sole intentions of insulting a particular user. I should look at your own attitudes and motivations for coming on a thread.
As for Dressage, all the moves in Dressage are natural moves the horse may make in fear, pleasure and in certain cases mating rituals. Encouraging and training the horse to do these things at this level depends on the temperament of the animal -some are natural 'show offs' with good conformation and paces and really take to it -others less so, but go on to do other things. All horse training starts with the basic elements of dressage, even the half asleep henrys in riding schools will have been taught the basics.
Pixie If there was no racing the horses would not 'disappear' they (thorobreds) would continue to be bred for eventing , showing and other disciplines TB's excel in . In fewer amounts of course but that would be a good thing.

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