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How To Buy A Puppy

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lankeela | 12:35 Sun 02nd Sep 2018 | Animals & Nature
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With so many puppies being sold online, being delivered or handed over in supermarket car parks make sure your puppy is not bred by a puppy farmer. Far too many are sick or dying young because people have not done their homework and seen the puppy where it was born and with its mum.



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Good advice however I fear human greed means that there will alway be those willing to buy cheap and don’t worry where they come from
Good Effort I really appreciate it. Thanks for your assistance.
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With new laws due to come in regarding selling them and the banning of third party sales it should help the situation, but the bottom line is people need to do more homework and not just order them like you would a pizza and expect them to be delivered to your door.
Always, always buy from an animal sanctuary and give a poor rescue dog a good, loving home. Sanctuaries throughout the country are packed with these lovely animals, both pedigree and crossbreeds. Every one of my lovely dogs has been a rescue, my little one now was wandering the streets before she was saved and what a little Angel she is. I am proud to have given her a safe home and I thank all the animal sanctuaries who do such sterling work ...
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A very laudable suggestion hereIam but not everyone is able to cope with a rescue dog, and all that it can entail as a lot have 'baggage' that needs an experienced owner to sort. Some people prefer to get a dog from a young age and of a breed where the traits and size etc are known. I run our breed rescue and there are some people I would not recommend have a rescue dog particularly first time dog owners. For those people doing their homework and finding a reputable breeder who will support them and the dog throughout its lifetime is a far better option.

"With new laws due to come in regarding selling them and the banning of third party sales it should help the situation" Maybe you can tell that to the local Traveller community
Dogs from a sanctuary or RSPCA are vetted as are the prospective new owners. Not all dogs come with baggage. 'Problem dogs' come from the person who is the person holding the lead not the dog IMHA

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How To Buy A Puppy

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