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Help needed - how to find a stolen puppy

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Nosha123 | 11:28 Thu 16th Apr 2009 | Animals & Nature
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Such a sad sad story. A girl at my work still lives with her mum and dad and they bought a brand new Jack Russell puppy about 3 weeks ago. His name is Buster but he is only about 9 weeks old so not yet had vaccinations and not allowed outside yet.
Last night burglars broke into their house while they were all sleeping and stole two expensive cars from the driveway and handbags/phones etc and the little puppy!!!!
She and her family are totally devastated and although they dont care about cars and money they are desperate to try to get their puppy back.
Any advice welcome.
We are making some posters and leaflets for them to send out. I have recommended they get in touch with all the local vets practices too incase the 'new owner' takes him in for vaccinations. But not sure the sort of people who buy puppies in pubs etc give a damn about vaccinations... Please help!


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tell them to put the dog on here

Let people know that the puppy has been stolen if you increase the risk of the puppy being recognised the theives will proberly return the puppy.
Was going to suggest Dog Lost, but see he is already on there.

There is a national network of helpers who will offer help and advice. I will crosspost it to my dog groups.
Question Author
thank you lankeela... The police have found the stolen handbag which was flung out of one of the stolen cars... I just hope they dont cause harm to the puppy!
I have 2 photos I can post.. but not sure how to do it!!!!
They have been in touch with all local dog wardens and missing pet bureaus and I told them to contact all vet surgeries. They are offering a reward too.
Question Author
oh lankeela.. I misread your post.. yes he is on there! Little Buster!
Such a cutie - apparently quite timid as still only 9wks old and could not be persuaded to even go in the back garden. ALways wanted to stay in the house with the family.
was he microchipped?
Question Author
no.. I dont believe so - still not been vaccinated so guess the chip was going to be the same visit at vets. He has not been allowed out as yet. and to be honest they were not really expecting someone to break in and steal him!!!
Poster like mad, pubs, chip shops, car boots, every lamp post and bus stop. It is likely the thieves are local and will try to sell the pup quickly. Posters in vets and pet shops will reach other pet owners who are likely to recognise him if sold to a new owner. A reward might get the thieves to say they 'found' him and although I hate the thought of having to pay for your own dog if it gets him back who cares what it costs. Ge the local radio, tv and paper involved. Make him too hot to handle.
contact the r.s.p.c.a and also local vets put some posters up such a young puppy may at some point need medical attention so the theifs may take it to a vet in the future
Doubt if they will harm him as he is worth money to them, even if it is only fifty quid down the pub. However money talks and if there is a reward someone will dob them in.

BUSTERS POSTER ON DOGLOST data=BR%2fw8oARY61hiWXoXUfq3bFqss3_3520g06

Please send to anyone you can in that area (TW2) so they can print it off and put it in their car windows or anywhere they go.
Question Author
thank you everyone. Please cross you fingers for little Buster!
I'll keep you posted if he is found!
Are you sure the puppy didn't get out while the burglars were robbing, just a thought he might be hiding very frightened somewhere quite near the house,
Question Author
No.. he was kept in a pen in the kitchen and the burglars opened the door to it.... to get in to take him. The front door was closed by the burglars on leaving and the whole house has been gone over looking for the pup, including lifting of floorboards incase he had somehow squeezed behind a kitchen unit and got under there. He's gone!
I can't offer any help but anybody stealing a tiny puppy must be looking to make some money by selling him. I hope that he is okay and maybe enjoying his little excursion.

All of the above. Also, get in touch with your local paper and see if they'll run an article on it - the press loves animal stories. Our paper's had some pretty good results in the past.
Question Author
thank you WOlf.. and thank you everyone. I'll keep this updated if we hear anything or if he is (fingers crossed) found safe!
Where abouts are you ? If needed I will print off some flyers and post them
I agree with everyone else. Make this puppy too hot to handle. His picture must be everywhere.
Hope Buster is found soon.
Question Author
thank u bettyboo that is so sweet of u. We printed some posters etc for her at lunchtime. Kind of u though!!
The poster doesn't say where abouts he went missing from

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Help needed - how to find a stolen puppy

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