Did You Know Drinking Sea Water Can Kill Your Dog?

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ladybirder | 08:41 Mon 27th Jun 2022 | Pets
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My little dog was sick around 16 times last night from about 10.30pm to 4.40am and he was of course absolutely dehydrated. I took him to a vet at just after 5am. The reason for him being so poorly was he had drank some sea water when down on the beach earlier in the day. I didn't know it could be so dangerous so I'm writing this as a warning to others who also might not be aware. A little probably won't hurt them but too much can kill a dog so when I read that on the internet I decided to get to the vet straight away. Cost me just short of £500, Ouch! We're both going back to bed now as neither of us have had a wink of sleep. Night night. xx


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I hope that junior recovers, little dogs seem to be at a disadvantage when they eat or drink something. A big dog could eat chocolate and be okay but the same amount could kill a small dog.

Have a nice sleep.
Pleased he's ok now. I'm surprised he drank sea water not very pleasant. It's not good for humans so I'm not really surprised it's so bad for dogs
Hope your wee dog is fully recovered. Poor wee chap. All that salt in the seawater would quickly dehydrate him especially if he is a small dog - and there may also have been toxins present in the water.

Thanks for the warning.
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I'm afraid he's not recovered at all. Now have to make the decision whether to go back to vets. Without going into it all, he was supposed to drink a 1/4 of X by midday and if he didn't to go back to vet. He's had only 1/8th. Half of that he drank very slowly over 20 minutes and the rest I've syringed into him which doesn't really count as he needs to do it himself. He looks so miserable.
I'm going to phone the vet, decision made;-)
Oh I am sorry to read this, ladybirder. Fingers crossed x
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It costs when it's in the middle of the night or thereabouts Jura. £200 for that bit.

Thanks Choux.
Veterinarian practitioners have followed the Americans in scamming the general public hand in hand with the pet insurers.
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I phoned the vet, told to bring him in immediately. Put on my shoes, picked up my car keys and guess what?

Little so and so started eating a piece of chicken!!!
So we are back to monitoring him again. Hoping he'll have a drink when he's finished the chicken.
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Thanks David. I'm stressed enough without your comment.
What breed(s) is your dog Ladybirder?
Bless his little cotton socks, ladybirder. You must feel so relieved to see him do that. I'll keep rooting for him :)
Hope he makes a full recovery Lb x
//It's not good for humans//

It certainly is not. In fact, if you're marooned on a raft at sea and you don't die of hypothermia, you will almost certainly die of dehydration. Human kidneys simply cannot process the level of salt in seawater and they react by extracting water from the body to try to do so. This causes the patient to urinate more, requiring more water to replace that lost.

Hope your dog gets well soon, lb.
yep, drinking sea water started the Mutiny on the Bounty!
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A little rescue terrier Wolf. Here he is.

Thanks Choux and Alba.

He's asleep by my side now but still no drink.
aww, he has melted my heart ((()))
Personally, I`d be inclined to take him back to the vet. He might need to go on a drip. Eating chicken isn`t really as vital as taking in fluids.
That photo brought to mind The Lady of Shalott - excuse the gender change :
"She has a lovely face; God in his mercy lend her grace"
He is a lovely-looking lad. ♥

If it was my wee dog I think that I would take him back to the vet for more fluids. I'm a worrier when it comes to my furry family so it would give you peace of mind to know that he is doing okay or getting more fluids by IV.

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