Do Flies Serve A Purpose On This Planet?

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homedeeth | 07:18 Sat 27th Jul 2019 | Environment
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All they do, it seems, is eat animal poo and fly around your lampshade in a figure of 8 pattern


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they pollinate plants
Their purpose in life is to annoy us!
they pisss in your soup.
A single female fly may lay nearly 1000 eggs in her short life span of a few weeks.

House flies are strongly suspected of transmitting at least 65 diseases to human, including typhoid fever, dysentry, cholera, poliomyelitis, yaws, anthrax, tularemia, leprosy and tuberculosis

What nice things they are.
They do not pollinate plants aelmpvw. Bees and some other insects do that. It's been reckoned that if bees died out the human race would die out within three years.
you better stand corrected in part on that one, Boaty, as some do - I quote Wilki

Fly Pollination. The two-winged insects (flies, gnats, mosquitos) is a very large group. Many of them specifically visit flowers, such as the Syrphid flies or flower flies. They are not as hairy as bees and as efficient in carrying pollen, but some are good pollinators.
i only stated it because it's a little known fact :-)
A woman arrives in the kitchen and sees her husband with a fly swatter and says "What in hell's name are you doing?"

He replies: "I'm chasing the flies..." She asks "Did you kill them?"

He says "As a matter of fact, yes, 3 males, 2 females"

Intrigued, she asks him: "How do you make the difference between females and males?"

He answers: "3 were on the beer can, 2 on the phone."

I sit corrected. They are still a bane!
I recall some plants smell of rotten meat and suchlike. They must be the fly attractors.

Flies are there to wipe their poo laden feet on your food and vomit on it, before taking a swim in your beer.
i put a beer mat on top of my glass, i'm not sharing

google answers this better than me "Most fly species help break down and consume garbage, feces, decaying vegetation and dead animal bodies. Some species of flies assist with the pollination of plants. ... In the medical field, doctors may use fly larvae, or maggots, when debriding wounds in burn patients."
What's with all the negative vibes about flies? Their offspring are a useful tool for ascertaining how long a deceased person has been thus. They provide employment for thousands of people in the manufacture of swatters, fly sprays and those sticky dangly things you pin to the ceiling. They provide a (tasty?) meal for Venus Fly Traps and our friendly little spiders. And they provide relief when you realise the buzzing you hear is just a fly and not something nastier. What's not to like.
As for peeing/pooing/retching on our grub - hands up those who have actually tasted any of the above on their food. No, me neither.
They come a close second to many humans.
Ordered a venus fly trap this morning, will save me in the long run on fly spray plus I like house plants.
They’re keeping me fit, Home......I catch them in a Black and Decker DustBuster using the long pipe.....keep a cloth stuffed in the end so they can’t escape.....empty into the bin when they’re dead.
I’d happily do without them though...... :-(
Everything on this planet serves a purpose;even if it's only to give you the opportunity to ask the question!
But seriously,where else would they live?
I do the same, ael ;)

I have an insect killer (blue lamp job), Raid spray, battery operated mini tennis racquet and several plastic fly swatters in kitchen/dining room/lounge. I am forever having to clean the insides of my windows and use an inordinate amount of Dettol spray.

My idea of happiness would be to never see another fly!

One bluebottle even halted an operation I was having to insert stents in my heart. One member of staff in his scrubs was prancing around the theatre with one of those mini racquets to "oohs" and "aahs" from the rest of the ensemble. Once I heard the buzz noise I knew he had been successful and the op resumed. Any wonder I hate the damn things?
Many moons ago in the weather a little kinder than what we've just had, I was doing a spot of gardening... thirsty work so coming back inside spotted my un-capped open bottle of beer I'd only half supped before going outside.... a few big gulps were needed... imagine my repulsion as I quickly spat back out a host ( loads of them) of those tiny little flies that thought I was one for sharing... making me gip just thinking back to it.

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Do Flies Serve A Purpose On This Planet?

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