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Where Are All The Fat Men - Tv Adverts

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barry1010 | 08:55 Sun 18th Feb 2024 | Adverts
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My wife has pointed out that obese women in skimpy clothes or underwear with remarkably firm flesh and absolutely no cellulite or stretch marks are in adverts for almost everything.  Many of these women appear to be extremely fit (in the health sense) and flexible.

So why aren't we seeing obese men in budgie smugglers in tv adverts?

Or has she just not seem them? 



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Oh Barry, you've just put me off my sausage and egg breakfast😄

I'd have thought she'd had enough of that at home.

Why is it that when I go on holiday the beautiful/handsome young ladies and gents from the ads are nowhere to be seen?

And in the bars the Bacardi drinkers are all fat & ugly.

I thik we should be told.

and don't get me started on how 80% of UK couples are now mixed race (colour-wise).....

And that Derek from Sun Life - "I've recently taken out an over-50s insurance policy".

Recently? - he's been saying that for 5 years!

Here's a fat man in an advert.

I guess there's no cellulite or stretch marks because they've always been fat.

As to the men in budgie smugglers, the vegan lobby have put an end to meat and two veg.

fat sweaty men dont sell - sozza was gonna do 'smell'

but we knew that didnt we? Families with two kids, white, silent ( we are British) with RP accents do....

There is a huge amount of research amongst copywriters for the best hit.

Afro caribbean teenagers in hoodies speaking in "da street talk" and stabbinng passers by wont sell Fairy Liquid - - "Do your whites ( clothes) before your coloureds!" - Chiklis in The Shield

I guess there's no cellulite or stretch marks because they've always been fat.

o I knew a fella, biggie, who had stretch marks on his natural but well developed... arms. Machinist not labourer. Terribly self conscious....

I had stretch marks on my bicycle legs - - ( Cambridge no cars)

yes Derek and his funeral ad, makes it sound as if he is going on holiday so cheerful

Maybe this explains why, Mrs. B:

yes - lately an elderly couple enter a room and the lady says something like "are we getting it on".


Question Author

Obese people can have stretch marks and cellulite.  I knew a body builder with stretch marks on his huge biceps and I had them whilst I was obese. 

Trevor the Sunlight man was in Terry and June all those years ago.

Question Author

I don't want to imagine that couple of any couple 'getting it on', thank you very much

Question Author

Derek the Sunlife man!

Played by Roger Martin 

How about the father in the awful On The Beach advert?

The son is more problematic.

And they can shove their free lounge if that's what's waiting.

I find the On the Beach advert quite funny - at least they are more like the real people you are likely to meet on holiday than the ones straight from the glamour mags.


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Where Are All The Fat Men - Tv Adverts

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