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While I Am Sure It Is A Lovely Place To Visit

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lankeela | 11:20 Sun 18th Feb 2024 | Adverts
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there is absolutely nothing in the adverts for Turkey that would make me want to go there.  



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Partly because of his behaviour and attitude in respect of Hagia Sophia

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Just the people they show walking down the street, playing board games and eating.  Hardly makes me want to spend my hard earned holiday there.  I need miles of sun drenched beaches and beautiful scenery.

What's his atitude towards Hagia Sophia?

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SW Turkey has miles of sun drenched beaches and beautiful scenery. The exchange rate is advantageous. Religion & politics doesn't impinge much on the holiday resorts (except for the early morning calls to prayer).

Not seen anyone playing board games while walked down the street!

Naomi, he has closed part of it off to non-Musims after many, many years of both Muslims and Christians being welcome and tolerant.

He is anti-Christian and I know where I am not welcome

Has he?  That's a shame.  It's quite a splendid place.

I wouldn't go to a Turkish beach resort - but I wouldn't go to the Spanish Costas  either.  Anything with the slightest hint of 'Brits Abroad' I make every effort to avoid.

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While I Am Sure It Is A Lovely Place To Visit

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