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Potato Crisps

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LindaSmith1967 | 18:36 Thu 08th Feb 2024 | Adverts
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Does anyone remember an advert for crisps, where the potatoes sang:

When I was just a potato lad in famous Lincolnshire,  I was stuck in the mud, they called me a spud, for nearly half a year.

Can't find any mention of it anywhere and its driving me mad. 



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Found this:

//Oh I'm a Golden Wonder crisp in famous lincolnshire.
I was stuck in the mud till I blew me top for nearly half a year.
Then they picked me up and stripped me off and sliced me ear to ear.
I'm your delight on a friday night or any old time of year...//

I found it here:;f=141&t=233768&i=40

^ sorry that doesn't seem to open!

Elliemay1's link:

that's what comes of living in Lincolnshire....

Oh, I'm a Golden Wonder crisp

So kindly lend an ear

I'm stuck in a bag with me mother-in-law

And feeling rather queer

With salt on me head and a vinegar rinse

To further my career

Oh, it's my delight on a Friday night

And any day of the year

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Potato Crisps

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