Are We Going To Get The Adblocker Warning Continually?

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ToraToraTora | 16:47 Tue 20th Apr 2021 | Editor's Blog
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The will become unusable if we don't stop adblocking as much as it does if we do!


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Upon your first visit to the site after this change, you'll be able to proceed to the site without turning off your ad blocker if you wish to. However, during subsequent visits you'll need to turn off the ad blocker in order to use the site.
I don't like the permanent big cookies settings box in the bottom right.
i just got the adblocker warning now, i was surprised because in my view it should be a users right to have adblockers, as ads are annoying.
There's just been an ad pop up from a company called antipestrepeller. Surely that makes it a pest attractor!

If we could have quality not quantity, it might be more palatable?
The problem is that this site is funded entirely through adverts. No adverts - no Answerbank.
raven Hill, your solution for the alternative funding of Answebank will be most welcome. What do you propose?
You have a right to use an adblocker but sites also have the right to refuse access.

If the other alternative is paying to have the access, which would you prefer?
I don't use an adblocker and don't get the warning. I find the ads ... tolerable.
AB is getting more boring by the week. It's going to lose a few more members now.
I have switched off my ad-blocker. Apart from a big black box at the bottom right saying "cookies settings" there are no adverts.
Wait until you google something, JD.
I could put up with stationary ads but the flashing lights all action running jumping ones give me migraine.
I agree with Ummmm, people will leave, I probably will, see how it goes maybe but when I've accessed the site from my phone which has no ad blocker the number of adverts is both distracting and makes the site virtually unusable.

I would disable my ad blocker if the adverts were discrete but things flashing up/ flashing on and off and having to scroll down and down to find replies because they are punctuated with adds is not for me.

Why not give the choice? Turn your ad blocker off or pay a subscription? I would rather pay a subscription.
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I'd rather pay than have ads, the site is now unusable.
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I'll see how annoying it gets but I may well be out of here. Ironic really as I get suspended regularly but this is what'll drive me away!
I've got more than one adblocker. How do I know which one to turn off?
I'd pay too, as I believe another consequence would be a lessening of input from the....erm.....more cerebrally challenged ABers.

We'll I might give it a go. £20/year.
I take your point, TTT. Why pay when someone can suspend you on a whim?

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Are We Going To Get The Adblocker Warning Continually?

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