Are We Going To Get The Adblocker Warning Continually?

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ToraToraTora | 16:47 Tue 20th Apr 2021 | Editor's Blog
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The will become unusable if we don't stop adblocking as much as it does if we do!


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Yes there are some very helpful people on here and some really nice people who I would miss but if I need accurate information on something really important I wouldn't pick AB as my go to site. You can get advice but not necessarily the right advice for you. AB is great for quizzes, chat and having a laugh with cyber friends and good tips from lots of users though, and I would miss it. I certainly wouldn't pay to use it though. I don't pay for other sites where I know the moderation is strong and usually sites which are specialist. For instance I can go on a site for my medical conditions which is run by the associations which specialise and not pay a penny. They have private sites on Facebook.

At present, I am on our computer as the adverts are not hampering what I am typing. I cannot use my tablet, which I prefer to use for casual banter when I am bored but don't want to sit at my desk. The adverts are doing my head in.!!
It is the case that I am now considering whether to continue using Answerbank, because, even with adblocker switched off, AB is not allowing me to use my favourite Browser which is Firefox.

This posting is via Sea Monkey.

Have you set your cookies?
China jan; //If that's the case Khandro, why is there a rule against them [racist comments]? How can it be applied?

It's for the mod. to decide.
This might be better in another thread, but you raised the issue.

In The Spectator - 17th April, the theatre critic Lloyd Evans writes:

'At Shepherd’s Bush, the local playhouse is so convinced of its moral excellence that it supports prejudice without realising it. The Bush offers bursaries of £7,500 to theatre--makers with ‘Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic and Refugee’ status, - no whites in other words. So there it is. Systemic racism but with a smiley face.'

As a 'white person' (& I don't think I've ever said that before) I find that initiative racist, don't you? See, it's all very subjective.
It's not a matter of opinion. Definition of racism from Oxford Languages:

'prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism by an individual, community, or institution against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized'

Your example is one of positive discrimination towards a minority or minorities rather than racism. Surely you don't need that explained?
Chinajan; That may well be a dictionary definition, but in the final analysis it depends on somebody's judgement .
Editor,Either think about an ad-free subscription or lose members !!!!

The site is unusable with the ads constantly changing and flashing,buffering, slowing down use.
I don't want ads, I've even stopped watching TV because the ad-breaks are longer than the programmes.
I am not happy with this situation !!!!!
puzzled, try a different browser. The ads seems to be handled differently on different browsers and you may find one that is acceptable to you.
As has been suggested, try alternative browsers. Posts are being made still so users must have found a browser to their satisfaction.
barry; //try a different browser.// suggestions please. I use chrome, can I just switch for one website?
Yes, you can download as many as you like - I use one for banking, one for shopping, one for social......

Try Edge (much better than it used to be), Brave (horrible on my PC for Answerbank but excellent on my Android devices), Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi. There is a huge selection, I'm currently using Firefox for AB
Mine is on Opera. I haven't-yet- got any ads, pop-ups, questions or any difference.

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Are We Going To Get The Adblocker Warning Continually?

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