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It's raining

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Twenty20 | 10:14 Tue 15th Jan 2008 | Weather
7 Answers
It's raining here.

Just helping this Topic along.


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I'm in Glasgow and it's actually DRY! Still, i'd give it 2 hours
east midlands and its chucking it down!
South Yorkshire its been raining all day here,flood warnings given again.Hope it does not happen for those poor people.They are still in caravans in certain areas.
Im very sorry to here that it is raining where you are - it has been raining here (south west) for aggggges but now it has stopped thankfuly. But im guessing it will start soon......
ok it is now raining again.
Well im in Devon and it keeps raining on and off

like earlier i decided to get a coffee
it was clear out but i decided to wait a while longer
then when i went out
for like 5 seconds
THAT 5 seconds, it decides to rain!


Sorry to hear it has been raining elsewhere in the country. I am in Yorkshire (west) and can vouch for garner when he says it is raining there. It most probably is. It is here which isn't too far away from there. Here's hoping the rain stops soon so normal life can resume and let's hope for a nice warm summer. Perhaps then we can post again in this topic to share news of the sunshine which will no doubt be just as diverting as this discussion.
south Devon - dry but cloudy...for the moment

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It's raining

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