Thunder, Lightening and heavy rain!

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tiggerblue10 | 17:11 Thu 17th Jan 2008 | Weather
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I have an appointment to go to at 4.30 but its peeing down where I am. I saw some lightening and a crack of thunder!

Not looking forward to going outside. See you all later xxx


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Same here tiggs we just had torrential rain and thunder at about the same time as you at 4.20

Where boots are you.
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Hi Kp. Just got back home from appointment. I live in Croydon, Surrey. You?
Hi tigger and knobby, i wonder if it's on it's way up to Newcastle, i'm not going back out it's very cold up here, see you's later, love megan. xxx
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Hi Megan, I've just checked the weather and it doesn't look like Newcastle will get it. I think its gone into the Channel. xxx
Tiggs no you cannot live in whiffey land please tell me you dont.
Hya megs looks like you might escape it as it seems to be heading south as whiffey land is northish from dagenham and tiggs got it about 15 mins before we did.

Oh hell I hope I got that right I think I did.
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Thunder, Lightening and heavy rain!

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