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nancie | 15:49 Sat 04th Mar 2006 | Travel
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I want to emigrate and live in Cuba, is this possible?


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Possible, but inadvisable.
nancie,you cant be serious?the place is full of rejects.reconsider
Why on earth !!!
I'm not sure why everyone is being so hard on you nancie. It's an amazing place with wonderfull people I can totally see why you would want to live there. I think you would need to look into to it very carefully first though, its not just a case of getting permission from the cuban government it is all about your long term stability with the issues the county has. Make sure any investments you make are secure.
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Cheers mash..and everyone else..but i really fell in love with the place, but i guess ill have to think about it, im only 26, i kinda met a cuban guy that i really like, and i guess if i marry him and he wants to stay in cuba its the real thing right? or should i bring him to the UK? I just dont want to be poor out there, not sure what the job prospects are..i hear alot about people aching to get out of cuba, and here's me trying to get in!!!

I guess i can get permanent residence if i do that, or temp residence if i live there on and off without getting hitched. I might go over there next jan on a spanish study holiday to see what it is really like.. im getting fed up of grey London.

i understand why you want to live there it is an amazing place! iv just got back from my second holiday there and was just looking if you can live there. i do not know whether you can or not but i read something about a 30day limit thing:S. i do know that if this man that you are talking about has a job that has anything to do with tourists/hotels then he will lose it formarrying you. i am not sure if that goes for any jobs tho =]

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