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Luton Aiport

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curlyfries81 | 11:11 Mon 08th Apr 2024 | Travel
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Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can advise regarding flying from Luton. I've never been from Luton before, but how does it compare with Gatwick and Stansted? What're the parking options and is it chaotic like the other two? 

I have the option to fly from Bristol but the flight times are not as attractive and it costs £300 more but I'd rather pay the extra and have the not so nice flight times if Luton is best avoided. 




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in my experience, Bristol is best avoided as the owners have geared everything to extract maximum revenue from its users. even the airport "express" bus costs £7 more if you go that extra few stops to the airport itself (no you can't get off early as pedestrians are prohibited). parking is expensive unless you use one of the private satellite firms, such as Goblin Combe.

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Thanks mushroom25. I actually like Bristol airport and tend to park in the multistorey right opposite the terminal but the flight times are just not great. I really don't want to go from Luton though if it's anything like Gatwick or Stansted.

I wish I'd seen this section yesterday and booked then as the holiday price has gone up £150 overnight.

The last time I flew out/in to London Luton International airport it was a 3rd world dump of an airport – you have to walk across the tarmac to get to your aircraft.

Arriving back late at night, I could easily have wondered off onto the airfield on my own – and it was not that long ago.


But like all airports in the UK, its primary purpose is a shopping centre with extortionate fees to arrive/park there – it must be an annoyance to the companies running them that they have to provide facilities for aircraft to arrive and depart.

My son has flown from there recently and says it's improved enormously- it should have they've been working on it for years. We live fairly locally and he gets the busway which drops you at the door. Apparently there is lots more parking including multi-storey 

Any mention of Luton Airport always reminds me of those old Campari adverts with Lorraine Chase.



Flew from there few weeks ago, it is improving, parked at the long stay ( normal would do the train but was getting back around midnight) transfers uneventful, was with Ryanair, only one person in baggage drop off in front of me and straight through security. Queues for Wizz air and easyJet drop offs were quite long

I really like Luton airport: one of the car parks is out of action due to a fire, but it did mean that for a while you could park for free as part of the makeshift arrangments.

Depending on where you live and ease of access, I cannot think of any reason why you would avoid it, particularly.  And the much maligned WizzAir I would recommend too.

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Well thank you everyone, we have decided to go from Luton as the flight times are much better. 

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Luton Aiport

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